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C-more Micro Panels


C-more Micro text and touch panels are packed with features yet priced for tight budgets. With a variety of screen sizes, the EA3 panels can easily display text, graphics and bitmaps to effectively display critical data. The EA3 Micro HMIs have FREE programming software with built-in simulator.

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EA3-S3ML-RN C-more Micro EA3 series 3inch HMI
EA3-S3ML-R C-more Micro EA3 series 3inch touch screen HMI
EA3-S3ML C-more Micro EA3 series 3inch touch screen HMI
EA3-T4CL C-more Micro EA3 series 4inch touch screen HMI
EA3-T6CL C-MORE Micro EA3 Series 6inch Touch Screen HMI
EA-ECOM C-more Micro Communication Expansion Module

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C-More Micro Touch Panels

A lot of options for a little price


C-more Micro panels are one of the most popular and reliable, value-packed operator interfaces in the industrial market today. No matter the budget or system size, we have a C-more Micro operator panel for the job, from the practical, space-saving 3-inch models to the robust, budget-saving 10 inch. And all of our panels come with FREE programming software that includes a project simulator and many other time saving features.


Micro touch panel and non-touch panel versions are available.

  • The low prices allow customers with tight budgets to take advantage of graphic control panel features that are most often found in more expensive touch screen products.
  • EA1 Series 3-inch cost-conscious panel units display STN monochrome graphics; standard green and high-contrast white background versions, each with five selectable background colors. The new EA3 models (EA3-S3ML, EA3-S3ML-R and EA3-S3ML-RN) have 12 selelectable colors including all colors of the EA1 panels.
  • Full 32K color TFT displays are available in 4-inch and 6-inch.
  • Several options, including plug-and-play keypad bezels, are available for the 3-inch graphic control panels (for EA1 series models only).
  • Designed and manufactured by Koyo Electronics - you know it's reliable.



Full Brochure c-more-micro-brochure-automationdirect

Includes information for free software

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C-more Micro Panel Sizes / Types

  • 3-inch C-more Micro Panels / Bezels - 128 x 64 STN Touch and Non-Touch
  • 3-inch C-more EA3 Micro Panels with Ethernet
  • 3-inch C-more EA3 Micro Panels - Lower Price
  • 4-inch C-more Micro Panel - 320 x 240 TFT Color Touch
  • 4-inch C-more Micro Panel - Widescreen 480 x 272 TFT Color Touch with Ethernet
  • 6-inch C-more Micro Panels / Bezels - 320 x 240 TFT Color Touch



Outstanding Features




Touch Screen Display

* Expands application possibilities for a few dollars more
* Graphical display supports bitmap graphics
* Operator inputs including pushbuttons, switches, numeric keypad, inc/dec arrows are available or add your own set
* Non-touch 3 inch versions also available






 Five and Seven Function Keys

* Each key has a programmable LED status indicator
* Keys can be configured to change functions on every screen
* Function key labels are easily changed to fit the application
* 8-inch and 10-inch panels have seven function keys






Bitmap graphics

* All models support bitmap graphics
* 3-inch models have 128 X 64 pixel resolution
* 4-inch models have 320 X 240 and widescreen 480 x 272 pixel resolutions
* 6-inch models have 320 X 240 pixel resolution
* 8-inch and 10-inch models have 800 X 600 pixel resolution
* Use bitmap images of pushbuttons, switches, indicators, your company logo
* Use our library of bitmaps
* Create your own library of bitmaps






Real Time Graph

* Each pen displays the value of a single PLC memory location. Values are refreshed by either time or a trigger tag.
* One or two pens can be displayed on the STN models
* Up to Eight pens can be displayed on the TFT model
* Up to 24 values can be displayed for each pen







 Controlled Beep

* Beep to indicate an alarm
* Beep for a special message
* Beep to verify when a button is pressed




 Bar graphs

* Vertical, horizontal, thin, wide, multiple
* Combine with a numeric display for digital readout
* Scrolling text



Data entry

* Numeric and text entry objects
* Pop-up numeric keypad on the screen
* Increment/Decrement a value by touching arrows
* Add an optional keypad bezel






* Each recipe button transfers up to 99 values from PLC source registers to PLC destination registers and/or from the recipe table to PLC destination registers.






Alarm feature

C-more Micro has an Alarm action that can control:
* Backlight colour change/flash
* Function Key LED flash
* Beep activation
* Custom alarm banner display
* Up to 16 configurable alarm actions








Change background colours

* EA3 models (EA3-S3ML, EA3-S3ML-R and EA3-S3ML-RN) have 12 selectable colours and cover all of the colours of the EA1 panels and more.
* The screen colours are programmable! Use them to convey meaning - see a red alarm screen from across the room, or use a yellow screen as a caution.
* All EA1 STN models support 5 background colours:
* Green - Red - Yellow - Amber - Lime
* All high-contrast EA1 STN models support 5 background colours:
* White - Pink1 - Pink2 - Pink3 - Red
* EA3 models are 12-Colour LED backlit for longer life with: Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Lime, Pink1, Pink2, Pink3, Emerald1, Emerald2, Emerald3 and White available colours
* TFT models allows 32K colours to flash for the background




High contrast white background

* White screen versions (EA1-S3MLW and EA1-S3MLW-N)
* Ideal for applications requiring higher screen contrast
* White, pink1, pink2, pink3 and red background colour choices






4-Inch and 6-Inch Full Color TFT Displays

* 32K Color TFT Display
* LED backlight
* 320 x 240 to 480 x 272 pixel wide screen display versions available
* Portrait or landscape mounting
* Multi-state bitmap objects
* Line graph displays up to eight pens
* Real time graph displays up to eight pens, with up to 24 values for each pen






8-Inch and 10-Inch Full Colour TFT Displays (Retired)

* 32K Colour TFT Display
* LED backlight
* 800 x 600 resolution
* Portrait or landscape mounting
* Multi-state bitmap objects
* Line graph displays up to eight pens
* Real time graph displays up to eight pens, with up to 24 values for each pen





EA3 Series Communication Expansion Module adds Ethernet port for programming / PLC communications*

Attaches to rear of 6, 8 or 10-inch EA3 series C-more Micro panels with captive screws
* Power supplied from expansion port, no external power required
* Faster project download speed
* Faster firmware update speed
* Connectivity to existing Ethernet Networks
* Not compatible with EA1 Series panels




C-more Software


Free! ... C-more Micro Software

C-more Micro Programming Software can be downloaded for free. Please see our software category. Extensive software Help Files are included in the download.
Programming a C-more Micro panel requires the following:
* C-more Micro Programming Software
* A USB port on the programming PC
* The AutomationDirect PC to Panel Programming Cable (EA-MG-PGM-CBL or USB-CBL-ABx depending on touch panel model)

Start simple and add what you need!
C-more Micro Programming Software offers high end features designed to reduce configuration time.
1. Drag and drop the objects from the Object bar (right side of screen) on to the screen construction area.
2. Configure PLC tags and assign to the objects.
3. Use the built-in simulator to review the project on the PC before downloading to the Micro panel.



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C-more Micro HMI -- Product Family Overview for Touch Screen Display for PLC