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DL105 PLC Units

It's not the smallest micro PLC, but it will put the biggest smile on your face!

DirectLOGIC 105 Micro Programmable Logic Controller


The DL105 series is a fixed-I/O micro PLC with 10 inputs and eight outputs. Eight configurations are available in combinations of AC, DC and relay I/O, as well as AC and DC power supplies.10 inputs and eight outputs



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Product Code Product Name Price ($AUD EX-GST) QTY Action
F1-130AA 10AC In/8AC Out 110/220 VAC 10AC In/8AC Out 110/220 VAC
F1-130AD 10AC In./8DC Out 110/220 VAC 10AC In./8DC Out 110/220 VAC
F1-130AR 10 AC Input/8 Relay Out 240V 10 AC Input/8 Relay Out 240V
F1-130DA 10DC In.8AC Out 110/220VAC 10DC In.8AC Out 110/220VAC
F1-130DD 10 DC Input/8 DC Output 240V 10 DC Input/8 DC Output 240V
F1-130DR 10 DC Input/8 Relay Out 240V 10 DC Input/8 Relay Out 240V
F1-130DD-D 10 DC Input/8 DC Output 24V 10 DC Input/8 DC Output 24V
F1-130DR-D 10 DC Inputs/8 Relay Out 24 V 10 DC Inputs/8 Relay Out 24 V
D1-USER-M DL-105 User Manual DL-105 User Manual
F1-04SIM 4 pt Simulator Module 4 pt Simulator Module
F1-IOCON 105 Terminal Blocks 105 Terminal Blocks
F1-IOCVR I/O Term. Blocke Covers I/O Term. Blocke Covers
D2-DSCBL 205 Programming Cable 205 Programming Cable
DA-DSCBL Single kit Containing cables Single kit Containing cables
PC-DSOFT6 Directsoft ver6 full Directsoft ver6 full
PC-R60-U Directsoft6 upgrade from ver5 Directsoft6 upgrade from ver5

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DL105 Important Features

  • 2 K program memory
  • 384 words data memory
  • 91-instruction programming includes time or event-based drum sequencer, timed interrupt, immediate I/O, etc.
  • 7 amp relay outputs
  • One RS-232C communication port
  • Removable terminal connectors
  • Eight I/O configurations
  • 110/ 220 VAC or 24 VDC power supply versions
  • Built-in 24 VDC auxiliary power supply for field devices
  • One RS-232C communication port
  • DeviceNET slave I/O blocks

DeviceNET slaves offer affordable I/O nodes

Connect these DeviceNET slaves (F1-DVNET models) to any DeviceNET master for inexpensive nodes of I/O in the following configurations: DC in/Relay out, AC in/Relay out, and DC in/DC out. You get all the same macro I/O features - powerful relays, high-speed I/O modes, plus a built-in RS232 communications port for ASCII device interface.

Use the DL105 micro PLC to:

  • Build an electronic drum sequencer with 18 I/O and connect an operator interface without paying a high price
  • Drive high-current (up to seven amps) loads with the AC/ relay model
  • Use the high-speed I/O modes of a DC input or output model to perform counting or positioning tasks

NOTES: New option modules may not be supported by CPUs purchased prior to the modules release.
Be sure to check for the latest firmware for your PLC. You can refer to the module specification page on our Web site for this information, or find it in our free catalog.
Here is the direct link to the Firmware Upgrade section of our Web site where you can find the firmware revision histories, the latest files and tools required to download the firmware into your CPU.