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DirectLOGIC 305 Programmable Logic Controller

The DL305 PLC series is a small modular PLC that has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 20 years. This Koyo design revolutionized the small PLC market, and is still a good performer and a great value. Over 3,000,000 Koyo 305 modules have been sold, which shows that these modules are extremely reliable and well-suited for many applications.

 dl305 decades of reliability


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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
PC-DS100 DirectSOFT 100 Free Programming SW 100 words
D3-350 CPU 14.8K (PID)
D3-340 CPU 3.7K Enhanced
D3-330 CPU 3.7K
D3-D4-BAT DL305/DL405 CPU Battery
D3-05B-1 5 Slot 305 Base 110/220Vac
D3-05BDC 5 Slot 305 Base 24Vdc
D3-08B-1 8 Slot 305 Base 110/220Vac
D3-10B-1 10 Slot 305 Base 110/220Vac
D3-10BDC 10 Slot 305 Base 24VDC
D3-08ND2 8 pt 24vdc Source Input
D3-16ND2-1 16 pt 24vdc Source Input
D3-08NA-1 8 pt 110 Vac Input
D3-08NA-2 8 pt 220 Vac Input
D3-16NA 16 pt 110 Vac Input
D3-16NE3 16 pt 24vdc Input Module
D3-08TD1 8 pt 5-24vdc Sink Output
D3-16TD1-1 16 pt 5-24vdc Sink Output
D3-08TR 8 pt Relay Output
D3-16TR 16 Pt Relay Output
F3-04ADS 4 Ch Isol Analog Input
F3-08AD-1 8 ch 4-20ma Analog Inputs
F3-04DA-1 4 ch 4-20ma Analog Output
F3-04DAS 4 Channel Isolated Output
D3-232-DCU RS 232 Data Comms Unit
FA-UNICON RS232/RS422 Convertor
D3-ACC-3 Spare screws for DL305 16pt
F3-FILL-CB Filler mod. w/bare circuit brd
D3-IODSHEL 24-pin D-shell connectors
D3-DSCBL-1 305 Programming Cable
D2-DSCBL 205 Programming Cable
DA-DSCBL Single kit Containing cables
EA-MG-PGM-CBL 6 ft cable for PC to C-more
D3-DSCBL-2 305 Programming Cable
PC-DSOFT6 Directsoft ver6 full
PC-R60-U Directsoft6 upgrade from ver5
ZL-D3-CBL18 0.5 m 18 Pos DL I/O Cbl
ZL-D3-CBL18-2 2m 18 Pos DL I/O Cbl
ZL-RTB20 20 Pin Remote Terminal Block

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  • Three standard CPUs to choose from, including the D3-350 CPU with PID control and two communication ports
  • Specialty CPUs to convert a DL305 system into an RTU for Optomux, Pamux, or to allow BASIC programming for custom applications
  • Five, eight and 10-slot bases
  • 110/ 220 VAC or 24 VDC power supply
  • AC, DC inputs
  • AC, DC, and relay outputs
  • Eight or 12-bit analog input/output
  • Specialty modules such as ASCII/ BASIC module, high-speed counter, and communication interface module (for use with D3-330 and D3-340 CPUs)

NOTE: PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) control: Control algorithm that is used to closely control processes such as temperature, mixture, position, and velocity. The proportional portion takes care of the magnitude of the error. The derivative compensates for the rate of error change. The integral takes care of small errors over time.

The D3-350 CPU has a killer instruction set (compatible with the DL405, DL205, DL105, and DL05 PLC families) and some super practical communications.

The D3-350 CPU uses a simplified I/O addressing method, and can access up to twice as much local I/O as any other DL305 configuration (when installed in a system with -1 bases).

DL305 Features include:

  • Real-time calendar/ clock and historical error logging
  • Trigger events in logic or time-and-date stamp error conditions
  • Four super-easy PID loops with 'auto-tune' allow the CPU to automatically determine the near-optimum loop settings
  • Automatic loop scheduling reduces logic required to operate loops
  • Fill-in-the-blank chart for alarms and ramp/ soak
  • Programming software includes loop tune screen with trending
  • Two communication ports include built-in remote I/O master for long-distance I/O expansion

New option modules may not be supported by CPUs purchased prior to the modules release. 
Be sure to check for the latest firmware for your PLC. You can refer to the module specification page on our Web site for this information, or find it in our free catalog. 

Here is the direct link to the Firmware Upgrade section of our Web site where you can find the firmware revision histories, the latest files and tools required to download the firmware into your CPU.

 Cross-check legacy PLC parts with our DirectLOGIC DL305 PLC

Our part# and price Legacy part number
Koyo GE Fanuc
    305-01DA E-01DA IC610MDL166
    305-01AD E-01AD IC610MDL116
D3-04TAS   305-21T E-21T IC610MDL176
D3-04TD1   305-12T E-12T IC610MDL153
D3-05B-1   305-02B E-02B IC610CHS110
D3-05BDC   305DC-02B E-02B-C IC610CHS114
D3-08B-1   305-05B E-05B  
D3-10B-1   305-04B E-04B IC610CHS120
D3-10BDC   305DC-04B E-04B-C IC610CHS124
D3-08NA-1   305-20N E-20N IC610MDL125
D3-08NA-2   305-22N E-22N IC610MDL127
D3-08ND2   305-01N E-01N IC610MDL101
D3-08NE3   305-02N E-02N IC610MDL111
D3-08SIM   305-01S E-01S IC610MDL124
D3-08TA-1   305-20T-1 E-20T-1 IC610MDL179
D3-08TA-2   305-20T E-20T IC610MDL175
D3-08TD1   305-10T E-10T IC610MDL151
D3-08TD2   305-50T E-50T IC610MDL155
D3-08TR   305-01T E-01T IC610MDL180
D3-16NA   305-25N E-25N IC610MDL129
D3-16ND2-1   305-05N E-05N IC610MDL107
D3-16ND2-2   305-35N E-35N IC610MDL106
D3-16ND2F   305-05NH
D3-16NE3   305-55N E-55N IC610MDL112
D3-16TA-2   305-25T E-25T  
D3-16TD1-1   305-15T E-15T IC610MDL157
D3-16TD1-2   305-35T E-35T IC610MDL156
D3-16TD2   305-55T E-55T IC610MDL158
D3-16TR   305-05T E-05T IC610MDL182
D3-232-DCU   305-03DM E-03DM  
D3-330   330-37
SR-22 IC610CPU106
D3-330        IC610CPU105
    330S-37 SA-22  
D3-340   335-37 SR-23A  
D3-422-DCU   305-02DM E-02DM IC610CCM105
D3-CPU-UV   2587681-8021   IC610ACC155
D3-D4-BAT   305-BATT RB-5 IC610ACC150
D3-DSCBL-2   VPU200-3605    
D3-EXCBL   305-05J E-05J IC610CBL101
D3-FILL   305-DMY E-DMY IC610MDL100
D3-HP   305-PROG R-23P IC610PRG105
D3-HPCBL   305-15PJ-1 E-15PJ-1 IC610CBL102
    305S-PROG A-23P  
    305-01Z E-01Z IC610MDL110
D3-MBZL   305-BZL E-BZL IC610PRG190
    305-22P C-22P IC610PER154
    305-10D F-10D IC610TCU100
F3-04ADS   305-4ADC-S   IC610ADC144
F3-04DA-1   305-4DAC   IC610DAC124
F3-04DAS   305-4DAC-S    
F3-08AD-1   305-8ADC   IC610ADC128
F3-08TAS   305-TI-8AC-S
F3-08THM-1   305-8THM-1    
F3-08THM-2   305-8THM-2    
F3-08THM-J   305-8THM-J    
F3-08THM-K   305-8THM-K    
F3-08TRS-1   305-8RLY-I   IC610RLY110
F3-08TRS-2   305-9RLY-I    
F3-16AD   305-16ADC   IC610ADC120
F3-16ND3F   305-16DC   IC610INP100
F3-16TA-2   305-16AC   IC610VAC115
F3-AB128   305-12ABM
F3-AB128-R   305-64ABM-RM   IC610ASC254
F3-AB128-T   305-64ABM-TM1
F3-OMUX-1   305-CPU    
F3-OMUX-2   305-OPTO    
F3-PMUX-1   305-OPMX-1