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GS Series and DURApulse Option and Communication Modules and Accessories

Ethernet and RS485 communication capabilities are available for the GS Series / DURApulse drives.

    • The GS-EDRV100 Ethernet Drive Module provides a high-performance Ethernet link between a control system and any GS or DURApulse AC drive.
    • The GS-EDRV100 processes signals to and from the drive, mounts on 35mm DIN rail, and connects the drive to an Ethernet hub or PC.
    • It formats drive signals to conform with the Ethernet standard and transmits these signals to the H2-ERM100 or H4-ERM, Productivity3000, KEPDirect OPC Server, KEPDirect EBC I/O Server, or independent controller with a Modbus TCP/IP driver. This allows for greater connectivity to many control system architectures.
    • An additional feature is the built-in Web browser which allows users to configure and control the drive from any Web browser via the IP address of the GS-EDRV100 module.
    • The GS series drives have a provision for shutting down control or power to the inverter in the event of a communications time-out.

GS Series/ DURApulse Ethernet Interface Overview