Introducing the new AchieVe PSA series value power supplies, designed to offer competitive pricing while delivering reliable DC power for general industrial applications. Ideal for cost-conscious users, these power supplies prioritize affordability without compromising performance. Featuring overcurrent protection designed for constant current mode operation, the PSA series is well-suited for both inductive and capacitive loads.

With a universal input voltage range of 85-264 VAC/120-375 VDC, the PSA series provides adjustable output options of 12, 24, or 48 VDC across 75-, 120-, and 240-Watt models. Achieving up to 90% efficiency, these power supplies come in rugged aluminum or thermoplastic housings to suit various environmental demands.

AutomationDirect’s AchieVe PSA series of switching power supplies are designed with essential features needed for industrial applications without compromising quality and reliability at a lower cost.

• Universal AC input voltage range 

• Built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads 

• Quick installation by 35mm DIN rail mounting 

• Adjustable output voltage via potentiometer 

Certified by UL, RoHS compliant, and marked with UKCA and CE, AchieVe PSA series power supplies guarantee adherence to industry standards for safety and environmental responsibility. 


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