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Single-level terminal blocks

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
DN-T10-A Terminal block Grey10AWG 600V
DN-T10B-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Blue
DN-T10BLK-A Terminal block 10AWG,600V Bla
DN-T10BR-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Brow
DN-T10GRN-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Gree
DN-T10ORG-A Terminal block 10AWG 600v Oran
DN-T10RED-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Red
DN-T10W-A Terminal 10AWG 600V White
DN-T10YEL-A Terminal Block 10AWG 600V Yell
DN-T12-A Terminals 2.5mm
DN-T12B-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20A Blue
DN-T12BLK-A Terminal Blk 12AWG  Black
DN-T12BR-A Terminal Block. 12AWG Brown
DN-T12GRN-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Green
DN-T12ORG-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Orang
DN-T12RED-A Terminal Blk. 12AWG Red
DN-T12W-A Terminal 12AWG 600V White
DN-T12YEL-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Yello
DN-T1/0 Terminal block 1/0AWG,600V
DN-T1/0B Terminal block 1/0AWG 600V
DN-T3/0 Terminal Block 3/0AWG 600V Gre
DN-T4 Terminal Block 4AWG 600V Grey
DN-T4B Terminal Block 4AWG 600V Blue
DN-T6 Terminal Block 6AWG 600V Grey
DN-T6B Terminal Block 6AWG 600V Blue
DN-T8 Terminal Block 8AWG 600V Grey
DN-T8B Terminal Block 8AWG 600V Blue
DN-T8BLK Terminal Blk. 8AWG Black
DN-T8GRN Terminal Blk. 8AWG Green
DN-T8ORG Terminal Blk. 8AWG Orange
DN-T8RED Terminal Blk. 8AWG Red
DN-T8W Terminal 8AWG 600V White (50p)
DN-T8YEL Terminal Blk. 8AWG Yellow

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33 Item(s)

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DINnectors® Single-level Feed-Through Terminal Blocks - DN Series

DINnectors DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Available in single-level, double-level, triple-level, sensor, mini, grounding, fuse holder, disconnect, plug-in, thermocouple, test plug and direct mount terminal block types

  • Quality materials
  • Self-locking clamps
  • High-contact pressure
  • Low voltage drop
  • Gas-tight electrical connections
DINnectors Single-Level Terminal Blocks
DINnector feed-through single-level terminal blocks provide the means to connect two wires together, and are available in sizes suitable for up to 3/0 AWG wire.DN-T12xxx
      24 to 12 AWG

      24 to 10 AWG

      22 to 8 AWG

      20 to 6 AWG

      14 to 4 AWG

      14 to 1/0 AWG

    4 to 3/0 AWG
DINnector Feed-Through Single Level Terminal Blocks
DINnector Feed-through Single-Level Terminal Blocks
DINnector Single-level Terminal Block Features:
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Virtually vibration-proof clamping system
  • Internal jumpers
  • Protective moldings
  • Funneled wire entry
  • Wire stops
  • Snap-on solid foot
  • Captive screws
  • Zinc dichromate-plated, hardened steel screws and clamps
  • Nickel-plated, copper current bar
  • Marking system
DINnector Terminal Block Accessories
  • DIN Rail (15mm & 35mm)
  • End brackets
  • End covers
  • Angled DIN rail support brackets
  • Top covers
  • Separators
  • Jumpers
  • Marking tags and accessories
    (blank and printed tags, tag adapter, indelible marking pen, etc.)

DINnector Feed-through Terminal Blocks Overview