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If your application requires the flexibility of a modular control system, a DL205 PLC control system is the lowest cost, most versatile solution you'll find. We sell this PLC direct to you for huge savings.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
H2-DM1 Do-more H2 series PLC CPU 2 p
H2-DM1E Do more H2 series PLC CPU. 3 p
D2-03B-1 3 Slot 205 Base 110/220 Vac
D2-03BDC1-1 3 Slot 205 Base 12/24 Vdc
D2-04B-1 4 Slot 205 Base 110/220 Vac
D2-04BDC1-1 4 Slot 205 Base 12/24 Vdc
D2-06B-1 6 Slot 205 Base 110/220 Vac
D2-06BDC1-1 6 Slot 205 Base 12/24 Vdc
D2-06BDC2-1 6 Slot 205 Base 125VDC
D2-09B-1 9 Slot 205 Base 110/220 VAC
D2-09BDC1-1 9 Slot 205 Base 12/24 Vdc
D2-09BDC2-1 9 Slot 205 Base 125VDC
D2-08ND3 8 pt 24 Vdc Input
D2-16ND3-2 16 pt 12/24 Vdc Input
D2-32ND3 32 pt 24vdc Input
D2-32ND3-2 5-15 VDC 32 pt input module
D2-08NA-1 8 pt 110 VAC Input
D2-08NA-2 8 pt 240 VAC Input
D2-16NA 16 pt 110 VAC Input
D2-04TD1 4 pt 12-24vdc Output Card
D2-08TD1 8 pt 12-24vdc Sink Output
D2-08TD2 8pt 12-24VDC sourcing output
D2-16TD1-2 16 pt 24vdc Output Sink
D2-16TD2-2 16 pt 24vdc Output Source
F2-16TD1P 16point 12-24 VDC sinking 1.2A
F2-16TD2P 16point 12-24 VDC sourcing1.2A
D2-32TD1 32 Pt 24vdc Output
D2-32TD2 32pt 24VDC Sourcing output
D2-08TA 8 pt 18-220VAC Output
F2-08TA 8pt 18-220Vac 1.5A/pt Output
D2-12TA 12 pt 18-110 VAC Output
D2-04TRS 4 pt Isolated Relay Out Card
D2-08TR 8 pt Relay Output
F2-08TR 8 Pt Isolated Relay Output
F2-08TRS 8 pt Isol Relay Output
D2-12TR 12 pt Relay Output
D2-08CDR 4pt 24vdc In/4pt Relay Out
F2-04AD-1 4 ch 4-20ma Analog Input
F2-04AD-2 4 ch Voltage Analog Input
F2-08AD-1 8 ch 4-20ma Analog Input
F2-08AD-2 8 ch Voltage Analog Input
F2-02DA-1 2 ch 4-20ma Analog Output
F2-02DA-2 2 ch Voltage Analog Output
F2-02DAS-1 2 ch 16 bit mA Output Module
F2-02DAS-2 2 Ch 16 Bit Volt Output Module
F2-08DA-1 8 Ch 4-20mA Analog Output Mod
F2-08DA-2 8pt Voltage Output Card
F2-4AD2DA 4ch In 2 ch Out Analog Card
F2-8AD4DA-1 DL205 16bitComboAnlg8in4outCur

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Several bases & modules are available for the DL205 | Download DL205 Specs (pdf - 29.2 MB)

Not only does the DL205 PLC come with a low standard price, it is also easy to configure a system. In fact, all you need to do is pick out a CPU, plug it in the first slot of the base you choose, and then mix and match various modules into the available slots. 

See 11 great reasons why this is the PLC to buy! Eleven Reasons (pdf - 938 KB)

The DL205 product line features:

  • Six CPUs from 2.4 K memory with 256 I/O to 30.4 K memory with a total of 16,384 possible I/O
  • Four base sizes (with built-in power supply)
  • Local expansion I/O bases in all sizes, along with expansion modules
  • Selection of 35+ I/O and communications modules
  • AC/ DC discrete input/ output, up to 32 points, 10 Amp relay out
  • 12-bit and 16-bit analog I/O, Temperature inputs, Up to 16 PID loops with autotune
  • Data communications, including serial and Ethernet modules
  • Counter input/ pulse output
  • Servo connectivity
  • Remote I/O master and slave, Ethernet and serial-based



Applications with Analog and PID Control
Analog & PID Control PDF (756 KB)
Communication Intensive Applications
Communications PDF (756 KB)
Simple Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition PDF (764 KB)

Counting and/or Pulse Output Applications
Counter/Pulse PDF (731 KB)

Applications with Simple Stepper
or Servo Control

Stepper/Servo PDF (761 KB)

Control with Advanced Data handling
and Versatile Connectivity

WinPLC PDF (708 KB) 

The WinPLC offers you the advantages of a PC ... in a PLC!

The WinPLC is a revolutionary product that brings the best of the PC-based control and the programmable logic controller (PLC) worlds to a common platform. PLCs control more industrial automation than any other form of controller. However, it often isn't enough just to control I/O for today's business-aware applications. From the proprietary operating system and ladder logic programming to the hardware design, PLCs were not typically designed for handling string or array data, complex math, or network collaboration with other software applications and intelligent devices. For success with these applications, use the WinPLC. 

The WinPLC module fits into the CPU slot of the popular DL205 series PLC bases for fast, convenient control of DL205 I/O modules. Programs are downloaded on the WinPLC just like a PLC. However, the WinPLC uses Windows CE, a real-time operating system, with the advantages of PC software such as OPC, ActiveX and the other Microsoft communication tools. The WinPLC offers both deterministic control and PC connectivity. Control, data management, communication and integration with business systems are easy with the WinPLC's advanced software development tools. 

Develop projects for the WinPLC with Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! HMI development software, or for qualified OEMs or software developers, the WinPLC comes in a CE-only version for VB and C++ programmers to develop their own control code. Entivity versions of the WinPLC and its development software can be purchased from AutomationDirect.