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BRX Do-More PLCs



The BRX series controllers provide the IIoT Integration, data logging, motion control, high speed I/O and processing power, with customizable communications, to meet the changing demands of industrial automation projects.  Four Micro PLC form factor combinations are available (3 with built-in I/O) to provide strong system designs that fit application requirements exactly, keeping system costs to a minimum.

The BRX series utilises the FREE, full-featured and powerful Do-More programming software.  Flexible program management supports a mix of stage and ladder logic for a 'best-of-both-worlds' approach that simplifies programming and makes trouble-shooting easier. The Built-In Simulator creates a virtual PLC to test program logic without a PLC present.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
BX-DM1E-M-D BX 12-24DC, Eth&Ser, No IO
BX-DM1E-M BX 120-240AC, Eth&Ser, No IO
BX-DM1-10AR-D BX 12-24DC Ser 6inAC 4out Rly
BX-DM1-10ER-D BX 12-24DC Ser 6in 4out Rly
BX-DM1-10ED1-D BX 12-24DC Ser 6in 4out Snk
BX-DM1-10ED2-D BX 12-24DC Ser 6in 4out Src
BX-DM1E-10AR3-D BX 12-24DC Eth 6inAC 4out Rly
BX-DM1E-10ER3-D BX 12-24DC Eth 6in 4out Rly
BX-DM1E-10ED13-D BX 12-24DC Eth 6in 4out Snk
BX-DM1E-10ED23-D BX 12-24DC Eth 6in 4out Src
BX-DM1-18ER-D BX 12-24DC Ser 10in 8o Rly
BX-DM1-18ED1-D BX 12-24DC Ser 10in 8o Snk
BX-DM1-18ED2-D BX 12-24DC Ser 10in 8o Src
BX-DM1E-18ER3-D BRX Do-more PLC
BX-DM1E-18ED13-D BX 12-24DC Eth 10in 8o Snk
BX-DM1E-18ED23-D BX 12-24DC Eth 10in 8o Src
BX-DM1-18AR BX 120-240AC Ser 10inAC 8o Rly
BX-DM1-18ER BX 120-240AC Ser 10in 8o Rly
BX-DM1-18ED1 BX 120-240AC Ser 10in 8o Snk
BX-DM1-18ED2 BX 120-240AC Ser 10in 8o Src
BX-DM1E-18AR3 BX 120-240AC Eth 10inAC 8o Rly
BX-DM1E-18ER3 BX 120-240AC Eth 10in 8o Rly
BX-DM1E-18ED13 BX 120-240AC Eth 10in 8o Snk
BX-DM1E-18ED23 BX 120-240AC Eth 10in 8o Src
BX-DM1-36ER-D BX 12-24DC Ser 20in 16o Rly
BX-DM1-36ED1-D BX 12-24DC Ser 20in 16o Snk
BX-DM1-36ED2-D BX 12-24DC Ser 20in 16o Src
BX-DM1E-36ER3-D BRX Do-more PLC
BX-DM1E-36ED13-D BX 12-24DC Eth 20in 16o Snk
BX-DM1E-36ED23-D BX 12-24DC Eth 20in 16o Src
BX-DM1-36AR BX 120-240AC Ser 20inAC 16o R
BX-DM1-36ER BX 120-240AC Ser 20in 16o Rly
BX-DM1-36ED1 BX 120-240AC Ser 20in 16o Snk
BX-DM1-36ED2 BX 120-240AC Ser 20in 16o Src
BX-DM1E-36AR3 BX 120-240AC Eth 20inAC 16o R
BX-DM1E-36ER3 BX 120-240AC Eth 20in 16o Rly
BX-DM1E-36ED13 BX 120-240AC Eth 20in 16o Snk
BX-DM1E-36ED23 BX 120-240AC Eth 20in 16o Src

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The BRX PLC family is an extremely versatile compact stackable system that you can customize to your specific controller needs. With four different form factors, built-in high-speed inputs, interchangeable communications port, on-board analog I/O, and many I/O expansion modules available, you can build the ideal controller for your application.


M series (no built-in I/O)

The BRX M series is a simple (no built-in I/O) controller that can be used for a variety of purposes including machine data logging and Ethernet networking. If I/O becomes a necessity, the M series can be expanded with your choice of up to 8 I/O modules. With this series, you decide exactly how much and what type of I/O your controller needs.


10-Point Series

The BRX 10-point series includes all the standard features plus 10 built-in discrete I/O points (AC, DC and relay options available). With the exception of models with relay outputs, all of the on-board discrete I/O can be configured for current-protected high-speed functions up to 250 kHz. Relay output models have high-speed inputs only. Software-selectable analog I/O with your choice of 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-5VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20mA or +/-20mA input/output ranges and a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port are available on select units. The 10-point series is also expandable with up to 2 additional I/O modules.


18-Point Series

The BRX 18-point series has all of the benefits of the 10-point series plus an additional 8 discrete I/O points for 18 total. 14 of the 18 I/O points (on non-relay models) can be utilized for high-speed I/O applications up to 250 kHz. Ethernet communication and built-in analog I/O points are also options with this series. Depending on model, the 18-point series will allow expansion with 4 to 8 additional expansion I/O modules.


36-Point Series

The BRX 36-point series takes I/O count one step further with 36 onboard discrete I/O points, 18 of which (on non-relay models) are capable of protected 250 kHz high-speed I/O. Six user-configurable analog I/O points are available on the Ethernet capable units and the 36-point series can be expanded with 4 to 8 additional expansion I/O modules.


DMIO Do-More! I/O Controller

The BRX Do-more! I/O controller provides easy remote expansion for any Do-more! system. Add up to 16 remote I/O racks to your application using the DMIO controller, that's over an additional 4,000 discrete or over 2,000 additional analog I/O points. When using the DMIO controller, all I/O racks will be auto-discovered and seen as native I/O to the system allowing for instant configuration.


EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller

The BRX Ethernet Base Controller can be used to expand any system using DirectLOGIC H2-ERM100s/H4-ERM100s, any Do-more! system, and can also be used as a Modbus TCP Server. Up to 16 remote EBC100 racks can be used with DirectLOGIC or Do-more! systems and 247 EBC100 racks can be added when using Modbus TCP. That is over an additional 63,000 discrete I/O points! The remote I/O will be seen as native to the system unless using Modbus TCP, then the Modbus Read/Write instructions are required for receiving/sending I/O data.

Supported protocols:
• Do-more! Ethernet Remote I/O - use with any Do-more! controller
• Host Ethernet Remote I/O - use with H2-ERM100s/H4-ERM100s
• Modbus TCP - use with Modbus TCP Client


MBIO Modbus I/O Slave Controller

The BRX Modbus I/O slave controller allows any system with a Modbus master/client to expand its I/O capacity. Supporting both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols, this controller provides up to 31 additional Modbus RTU remote I/O racks and 247 additional Modbus TCP remote I/O racks. With the Modbus TCP option, over 63,000 extra discrete I/O points are possible. When using the MBIO slave controller, I/O data is sent to/from the master using Modbus Read/Write commands. The MBIO slave controller is great for remote expansion with other AutomationDirect PLCs or as a low-cost alternative for 3rd party controllers that support Modbus mastering.

Supported protocols:
• Modbus RTU - use with Modbus RTU Master
• Modbus TCP - use with Modbus TCP Client




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