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ProductivityOpen (Arduino-compatible)

ProductivityOpen_bannerOpen source controllers facilitate shared programming and were created mainly for consumer environments. The ProductivityOpen series of microcontrollers is based on the Arduino controller IDE, but adds industrial certifications and approvals for survivability in harsh environments. Programming has been made simpler with the publication of custom Blocks tailored to industrial control applications. Supports Productivity1000 input, output and specialty modules.

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Memory: 256 KB
Programming language: 
Programming Software: 
Arduino (IDE) and ProductivityBlocks. Not compatible with ProductivitySuite
Supports the full suite of Productivity 1000 I/O expansion modules



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 The ProductivityOpen platform provides all the great features of a standard Arduino plus the added power and reliability of an industrial controller.

  • Industrial-Grade P1AM-100 CPU (Arduino-compatible)
  • Industrial-Grade Power Supplies
  • Industrial-Grade Shields
  • Industrial-Grade Productivity1000 I/O Modules

With the growing popularity of single-board controllers and the risks of implementing them in industrial applications, an open-source controller is needed that will hold up in the most extreme industrial conditions. Produced in conjunction with FACTS Engineering, the ProductivityOpen platform combines Maker ingenuity and the proven reliability of the AutomationDirect Productivity controller family.

Open-source at heart (Arduino compatible)

  • The processor circuit of the P1AM-100 is designed to mimic the Arduino MKRZero microcontroller. The P1AM-100 is able to recognize most available Arduino MKR format shields, and/or all of the industrially-hardened Productivity shields, and can utilize most Arduino sketch programs found on open-source websites.
  • Using the readily-available Arduino integrated development environment (IDE), the P1AM-100 is programmed using C++ code; the ProductivityBlocks graphical programming interface uses a more visual approach that simplifies coding and reduces syntax errors.
  • The P1AM-100 supports the full suite of Productivity1000 I/O expansion modules, including: discrete, analog, temperature, relay, high-speed input, pulse-width-modulation
  • The robust industrial power supply stage produces a regulated 5VDC output from a 24VDC input, isolating the CPU and I/O power. Use any of the field-proven Productivity1000 industrial power supply modules or other available devices wired to the terminal block connection.

ProductivityOpen Features

  • Supports Productivity1000 input, output and specialty modules
  • Supports Arduino MKR form factor shields
  • UL listed CPU
  • UL listed ProductivityOpen branded shields


P1AM-100 CPU (Arduino-compatible)

The P1AM-100 is anindustrial-grade open source CPU. It uses the Atmel SAMD21G18 microcontroller and can be programmed using Arduino IDE or ProductivityBlocks. It interfaces with all Productivity1000 Series I/O modules connected to the right side of the P1AM-100 and most Arduino MKR form factor shields connected to the left side.

  • Memory: 256kB Flash with 10kB used for bootloader, 32kB SRAM 
  • Interfaces: 
    - MicroB USB, Arduino MKR-compatible,
    - microSD card slot for data logging (32GB max), 
    - User controlled LED and switch
  • Programmed in C/C++ with the Arduino IDE or ProductivityBlocks
  • Operating temperature 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • 24VDC powered
  • cULus, CE agency approvals




P1AM-ETH Ethernet Shield

The P1AM-ETH is a housed Ethernet shield based on the Wiznet W5500 Ethernet Controller. It interfaces to the left side of the P1AM-100 CPU and most Arduino MKR form factor shields.

  • Supports hardwired TCP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPV4, ARP, IGMP, PPPOE
  • Supports 8 independent sockets simultaneously
  • Supports Power Down Mode
  • Supports Wake on LAN over UDP
  • Supports high-speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI MODE 0, 3)
  • Internal 32K bytes of memory for TX/RX buffers
  • 10BaseT / 100BaseTX Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Supports auto negotiation (full and half duplex, 10 and 100-based)
  • Does not support IP fragmentation
  • 3.3 V operation with 5V I/O signal tolerance
  • LED outputs (Full / Half duplex, Link, Speed, Active)
  • cULus, CE agency approvals


P1AM-GPIO General Purpose I/O Shield

MKR Form Factor Shield 
(Header Pin Breakout)

The P1AM-GPIO brings a subset of the MKR header pins to the front faceplate with an 18-position terminal block. These pins include basic overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection. It connects to the left side of the P1AM-100 CPU and most Arduino MKR form factor shields.

  • cULus, CE agency approvals



Based on the ArduBlock concept, ProductivityBlocks is a graphical programming interface and add-on to the Arduino IDE. If you have ever programmed with C++, you know how tedious it can be hunting down the dreaded syntax error like a missing semicolon or bracket. ProductivityBlocks helps you build your sketch program by dragging and dropping interlocking blocks; the associated C++ is generated for you! 

ProductivityBlocks works with either MAC or PC systems offering custom blocks that use terminology common to industrial controller functions so their purpose is easily understood. Many are customized for Productivity1000 I/O modules, ProductivityOpen CPU and shields, and creates an easier interface for coding that will save you time and debugging headaches.




Information courtesy of AutomationDirect

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