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VF Drives

AC Variable Drives -VFDs - Variable Frequency Drives (0.18 Kw to 75 Kw)

Direct Automation carries a range of AC variable frequency drives (VFD) for motor speed control and other industrial control applications

VFD Variable Frequency AC Drives

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
GS4-21P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-22P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-23P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-25P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-27P5 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4010 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4015 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4020 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4025 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4030 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4040 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4050 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-4060 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-42P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-43P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-45P0 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS4-47P5 DURApulse GS4 series AC Drive
GS1-20P2 0.18Kw  1Ph/3Ph 230V In/Out
GS1-20P5 0.37Kw 1Ph/3Ph 230V In/Out
GS1-21P0 0.75Kw 1Ph/3Ph 230V In/Out
GS1-22P0 1.5Kw 2HP VSD 3Ph 230V In/Out
GS2-20P5 .37Kw  VSD 1/3 Ph 230V In/Out
GS2-21P0 0.75 Kw  1Ph/3Ph 230V In/Out
GS2-22P0 1.5 Kw 1Ph/3Ph 230V In/Out
GS2-23P0 2.2 Kw  1Ph /3Ph 230V In/Out
GS2-41P0 .75Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-42P0 1.5Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-43P0 2.2Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-45P0 3.7Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-47P5 5.5Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-4010 7.5Kw  VSD 3ph 460V In/Out
GS2-DR02 Adapter plate, GS2 to dinrail
GS3-41P0 .75Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-42P0 1.5Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-43P0 2.2Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-45P0 3.7Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-47P5 5.5Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4010 7.5Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4015 11.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4020 15.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4025 18.5Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4030 22.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4040 30.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4050 37.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4060 45.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4075 55.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS3-4100 75.0Kw 480V 3Ph VSD
GS-FAN-1 Replacement fan GS3-43P0
GS-FAN-2 Fan for GS3-23P0/25P0/45P0
GS-FAN-3 Replacement fan
GS-FAN-4 Replacement fan
GS-FAN-5 Replacement fan
GS-20P5-BR Brake Resistor GS-10P2/5,20P5
GS-21P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2-11P0/21P0
GS-22P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-22PO
GS-23P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-23PO
GS-25P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-25PO
GS-27P5-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-27PO
GS-41P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-41PO
GS-42P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-42PO
GS-43P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-43PO
GS-45P0-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-45PO
GS-47P5-BR Brake Resistor GS2/3-47P5
GS-4010-BR B/Resistor GS2/3-4010 GS2-5010
GS-2010-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2010
GS-2015-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2015
GS-2020-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2020
GS-2025-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2025
GS-2030-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2030
GS-2040-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2040
GS-2050-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-2050
GS-4015-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4015
GS-4020-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4020
GS-4025-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4025
GS-4030-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4030
GS-4040-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4040
GS-4050-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4050
GS-4060-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4060
GS-4075-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4075
GS-4100-BR-ENC Brake Res Encl GS3-4100
GS-2DBU Dynamic Braking unit 230 VAC
GS-4DBU Dynamic braking unit 480 VAC
20DRT1W3S GSx EMI Input Filter 230V 20A
32DRT1W3C GSx EMI Input Filter 230V 32A
40TDS4W4B GSx EMI Input Filter 230V 40A
11TDT1W4S GSx EMI Input Filter 480V 11A
17TDT1W44 GSx EMI Input Filter 480V 17A
26TDT1W4B4 GSx EMI Input Filter 480V 26A
10TDT1W4C EMI input filter for 21PO/22PO
26TDT1W4C EMI input filter for 23PO/25PO
50TDS4W4C EMI Filter 27P5,2010,4020,402
100TDS84C EMI Filter 2015,2020,4030,404
150TDS84C EMI Filter 2050,2030,2040,405
180TDS84C EMI Filter 4 use with GS3-2050
RF022B43AA EMI Filter GS3-41P0,42P0,43P0
RF037B43BA EMI Filter for GS3-45P0
RF110B43CA EMI Filter GS3-47PS.4010,4015
200TDDS84C EMI Filter for GS3-4075,4100
GS2-KPD GS2 VSD Spare Keypad
GS3-KPD Spare keypad for DURApulse

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Items 1 to 100 of 157 total

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 Complete AC Drives Overview and Selection Guide   
VFD - GS1 Series AC Drives GS1 Series Mini AC Drives 
Our most affordable and compact inverter drive 
    • 1/4 and 1/2 hp, 115 VAC single phase VFD
    • 0.18, 0.25 and 0.75 Kw, 230 VAC single phase VFD / 3-phase VFD
VFDs - GS2 Series AC Drives GS2 Series Micro AC Drives 
All of the features of our GS1 Series AC drives plus dynamic braking, PID and a removable keypad 
    • 0.37 Kw to 5.5 Kw, 230 VAC
    • 0.75 to 7.5Kw, 460 VAC
    • 0.75 to 7.5 Kw, 575 VAC
VFDs - Durapulse GS3 Series - AC Drives DURApulse AC Drives - GS3 Series
Sensorless vector technology up to 100 hp VFD 
    • 0.75 to 75 Kw VFD, 460 VAC
AC Motor Soft Starters 
STELLER Full-Featured AC Motor Soft Starters
AC Motor Soft Starters
STELLAR™ SR22 Series Compact 3-Phase Soft Starters (5A - 40A@ 208–460V) 
    • 5A to 40A rated current versions @ 208–460V
    • Easy potentiometer setup
    • Six error/trip indicators (including over temp, shear pin)
    • 45 mm and 55 mm standard sizes
    • Built-in Bypass for added efficiency

STELLAR™ SR44 Series Full-Featured 3-Phase Soft Starters (9A - 370A@208-460V)
  • SR44 series solid state starters have an Automatic Application Setup that fully configures the motor soft starter for a specific application with one entry
  • SR44 series solid state motor starters also have a built-in "Optimizing" mode that reduces energy costs when used on lightly loaded and oversized AC motors, and external bypass capability for efficient running at rated speed
GS Series AC Drives Configuration & Communications & Software GS Series AC Drives Configuration Software & Communications
  • GSOFT configuration software for GS1, GS2 and DURApulse series VFDs (AC drives)
  • Spare keypads and cables for GS2 Series and DURApulse VFDs
  • GS-EDRV Ethernet module - high-performance Ethernet link
  • RS485 Communications boards
lr AC Drive (VFD) Spare Parts & Accessories
  • New! ... LR series AC line reactors
  • Legacy GS series input and output AC line reactors
  • GS Input fuse kits
  • GS spare input fuses
  • New! ... Current limiting, high-speed Class J drive fuses
  • GS Braking Options - braking units and resistors
  • EMI/ RF filters
  • New! ... DURApulse replacement fans
LF GS Drives EMI / RF Filters
  • Input EMI filters reduce electromagnetic interference or noise on the input side of the AC drive.

  • They are required for CE compliance and recommended for installations prone to or sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
  • Complete EMI / RF Filters Overview pdf

  • RF filters reduce the radio frequency interference or noise on the input or output side of the inverter.