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4G Modems, VPN, WI-FI & Communications

Stride VPN routerThe StrideLinx remote access solution provides affordable, secure access to remote machines or systems using a low-cost VPN router and FREE cloud service. Link machines to the StrideLinx platform using a Gigabit wired, wireless or cellular router and connect anytime, anywhere; add-on cloud subscriptions are also available for enhanced capabilities.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
SGW-MQ1611 STRIDE Industrial MQTT Gateway
SE-SW5U-ST-WT STRIDE Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
SE-SL3011 StrideLinx Pro Industrial VPN Router
SE-SL3011-WF StrideLinx Pro Industrial VPN Router
SE-SL3011-4GG StrideLinx Pro Industrial VPN Router
SE-SL020 StrideLinx notify license
SE-SL010-1 StrideLinx cloud logging license (1000pts/hr)
SE-SL011-1 StrideLinx cloud logging license (5000pt/hr)
SE-ANT110 STRIDE whip/tilt LTE antenna
SE-ANT130 STRIDE whip/straight LTE antenna
SE-ANT150 STRIDE dome LTE antenna
SE-ANT210 STRIDE whip/straight WiFi antenna
SE-ANT250 STRIDE dome 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna
SGDB-B-TPM-Kit High Gain 4G Antenna

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System Wide Secure Remote Access with Optional Cloud Data Reporting/Logging and Notify


StrideLinx provides multiple secure VPN connections for remote access to your systems worldwide. Conveniently program, monitor or troubleshoot your remote systems anywhere, anytime. Several router options are available with free cloud service or with optional cloud data reporting/logging, cloud notify, and other additional upgrades.

Already have an IIoT/cloud platform and just need to connect existing infrastructure to it? Well, the STRIDE MQTT Gateway (SGW-MQ1611) can give you the connectivity you need for less.


StrideLinx SE-SL Series Industrial VPN Routers offer the following key features and more!

• Easy, DIY set-up with web-based configuration/dashboard 

• Secure hosted VPN solution 

• Mobile VPN support for 3rd party mobile apps 

• Outbound initiated connection for IT compliance 

• Unlimited users 

• Unlimited mobile sessions 

• Unlimited client connections 

• VPN servers located worldwide for secure access to your machine/facility anytime, anywhere 

• Multiple router connection options including WiFi, 4G or Gigabit wired; 4G router is certified to work on Verizon® and AT&T® networks 

• 10GB monthly bandwidth included with every StrideLinx company account plus optional add-on services for cloud reporting / data logging, premium branding, etc.


StrideLinx VPN IIoT Platform Overview YouTube image



Router Options: Cloud enable your machines...for less!



The StrideLinx wired-only router provides (5) Gigabit Ethernet ports for your control device and Internet connections. No additional components are required.


SE-SL3011 StrideLinx Pro industrial VPN router, wired Internet connectivity, (5) Ethernet Gigabit (RJ45) port(s), MQTTs Client, Android/iOS with mobile VPN, 12-24 VDC required.



For applications where wireless connections are preferred, StrideLinx offers a Wifi capable rounter and (2) 2.4GHz Wifi antennas sold separately. Wifi antennas start at SE-ANT210 and are offered in dome and whip/straight styles.

Wifi capable routers give you the ability to wirelessly connect to your company network and/or wirelessly connect control devices to the router.


SE-SL3011-WF StrideLinx Pro industrial VPN router, wired + 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Internet connectivity, WiFi LAN and (5) Ethernet Gigabit (RJ45) port(s), MQTTs Client, Android/iOS with mobile VPN, 12-24 VDC required. Requires LTE antenna, sold separately.



For applications where Internet connections are not readily available, StrideLinx offers a 4G cellular capable router and (3) antennas which start at SE-ANT110 sold separately. A SIM card and/or data plan will need to be purchased (Enabling Elements AT&T SIM card is included with router).


SE-SL3011-4GG StrideLinx Pro industrial VPN router, wired + 4G Global LTE and US LTE Verizon Internet connectivity, (5) Ethernet Gigabit (RJ45) port(s), Android/iOS with mobile VPN, 12-24 VDC required. Requires 2 LTE antennas, sold separately.



Antenna Options

To use the non-wired feature of the StrideLinx WiFi and cellular VPN routers, an industrial antenna must be purchased.

• 4G LTE cellular antennas for SE-SL3011-4GG Router (2 antennas required) in whip/tilt, whip/straight and dome styles (SE-ANT110, SE-ANT130 or SE-ANT150) 

• WiFi - 2.4GHz antennas for SE-SL3011-WF Routers (1 antenna required) in whip/straight and dome styles (SE-ANT210 or SE-ANT250) 


Product photograph of SE-ANT110 industrial antenna Product photograph of SE-ANT130 Product photograph of SE-ANT150 industrial antenna Product photograph of SE-ANT210 industrial antenna Product photograph of SE-ANT250 industrial antenna


STRIDE whip/tilt LTE antenna, connector mount.



STRIDE whip/straight LTE antenna, magnetic base mount, 9.8ft/3m cable length. 


STRIDE dome LTE antenna, IP67, panel mount, 9.8ft/3m cable length. 


STRIDE whip/straight 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna, IP65, connector mount.


STRIDE dome 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna, IP67, panel mount, 9.8ft/3m cable length.




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