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DIN Rail Terminals & Connectors


Terminal blocks facilitate the connection of panel-mounted electronic components to device power and field wiring. A variety of modular terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, multi-port junction blocks and pre-wired connection cables and modules are available to make quick, clean, safe and efficient installations.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
DN-T10-A Terminal block Grey10AWG 600V
DN-T10B-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Blue
DN-T10BLK-A Terminal block 10AWG,600V Bla
DN-T10BR-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Brow
DN-T10GRN-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Gree
DN-T10ORG-A Terminal block 10AWG 600v Oran
DN-T10RED-A Terminal block 10AWG 600V Red
DN-T10W-A Terminal 10AWG 600V White
DN-T10YEL-A Terminal Block 10AWG 600V Yell
DN-T12-A Terminals 2.5mm
DN-T12B-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20A Blue
DN-T12BLK-A Terminal Blk 12AWG  Black
DN-T12BR-A Terminal Block. 12AWG Brown
DN-T12GRN-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Green
DN-T12ORG-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Orang
DN-T12RED-A Terminal Blk. 12AWG Red
DN-T12W-A Terminal 12AWG 600V White
DN-T12YEL-A Terminal Block 12AWG 20V Yello
DN-T1/0 Terminal block 1/0AWG,600V
DN-T1/0B Terminal block 1/0AWG 600V
DN-T3/0 Terminal Block 3/0AWG 600V Gre
DN-T4 Terminal Block 4AWG 600V Grey
DN-T4B Terminal Block 4AWG 600V Blue
DN-T6 Terminal Block 6AWG 600V Grey
DN-T6B Terminal Block 6AWG 600V Blue
DN-T8 Terminal Block 8AWG 600V Grey
DN-T8B Terminal Block 8AWG 600V Blue
DN-T8BLK Terminal Blk. 8AWG Black
DN-T8GRN Terminal Blk. 8AWG Green
DN-T8ORG Terminal Blk. 8AWG Orange
DN-T8RED Terminal Blk. 8AWG Red
DN-T8W Terminal 8AWG 600V White (50p)
DN-T8YEL Terminal Blk. 8AWG Yellow
V30AE000006 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000009 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000013 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000016 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000017 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000052 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000053 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000055 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000056 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000025 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000026 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000029 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000028 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000030 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000031 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000033 Z+F ferrule
V30AE000035 Z+F ferrule

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Items 1 to 50 of 360 total

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Standard Screw DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks (by Block Type)
  • Quality materials
  • Self-locking clamps
  • High-contact pressure
  • Low voltage drop
  • Gas-tight electrical connections
DINnectors are simply DIN rail mounted electrical terminal blocks. Most control panels use some type of terminal strip or terminal block connector to connect the control wiring (PLCs, relays, contactors, etc.) to the field wiring.
  • DINnectors provide a means of connecting and identifying two or more wires within the demands of an industrial environment.

  • DINnector terminal blocks can terminate solid or stranded wires ranging from 18-3/0 AWG, and offer fusing, grounding or disconnecting capability within the electrical terminal block itself.

  • DINnector electrical terminal blocks are internationally approved by national and international standards organizations such as UL, CSA, VDE, SEV, RINA and IEC.

Customers who have made the switch to DINnector terminal blocks tell us that DINnectors are the same or better quality than the brand they were using, but are significantly less expensive. From skateboard manufacturing to precision machine tools, from panel shops to petrochemical plants, customers appreciate the value and low price. 


  Single-level (Feed-through) DINnectors
Feed-through terminal blocks are available in a number of colors and wire size options.
DN-T series
  Double-level DINnectors 
Double-level terminal blocks offer twice the wiring density of feed-through blocks.
DN-D series
  Triple-level DINnectors 
Triple-level terminal blocks enable either high-density wiring or simplified, low-cost sensor wiring.
DN-TL series
  Mini DINnectors 
Mini terminal blocks are used in areas with extremely limited space requirements.
DN-M series
  Ground DINnectors 
Ground terminal blocks are used to mechanically and electrically connect wires to the DIN rail allowing the rail to function as a ground bus bar.
DN-G series
  Circuit Protection DINnectors ... 
Fuse terminal blocks provide easily-replaceable fuse protection for PLC output devices or modules. DN-FE series terminal block sockets accept circuit disconnects or supplementary protectors. 
DN-F series
  Disconnect DINnectors 
The DN-DIS10 and DN-KDB12 disconnect terminal blocks allow fast circuit disconnection without rewiring.
DN-DIS & DN-KBD series
  Plug-in DINnectors 
Single and double level DN-EMXxx plug-in terminal blocks with screw terminals accept all DN-nnPLUG Euro plugs.
DN-EMX series
  Thermocouple DINnectors
Thermocouple terminal blocks are designed with only one screw clamp to provide suitable connections to thermocouple sensors.
DN-THERM series

Terminal Block Tools and Accessories

  • DIN Rail (15mm and 35mm)
  • End brackets
  • End covers
  • Angled DIN rail support brackets
  • Top terminal block covers
  • Separators
  • Jumpers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire cutter/stripper tools
  • Marking tags and accessories
    (blank and printed tags, tag adapter, indelible marking pen, etc.)