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BRX Do-More DC Discrete I/O Expansion Modules

BRX PLC Discrete I/O Expansion ModulesThe BRX PLC family uses the popular Do-more! DM1 technology and is an extremely versatile compact stackable system that you can customize to your specific controller needs. With four different form factors, built-in high-speed inputs, interchangeable communications port, on-board analog I/O, and many I/O expansion modules available, you can build the ideal controller for your application.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
BX-08SIM BRX simulator input module
BX-08ND3 BX 8pt In 12-24DC Sk/Sc RqRTB
BX-12ND3 BX 12pt In 12-24DC Sk/Sc RqRTB
BX-16ND3 BX 16pt In 12-24DC Sk/Sc RqRTB
BX-32ND3 BRX discrete input module
BX-08NF3 BX 8pt In 3-5DC Snk/Src Rq RTB
BX-16NF3 BRX discrete input module
BX-08TD1 BX 8pt Out 12-24DC Snk Rq RTB
BX-08TD2 BX 8pt Out 12-24DC Src Rq RTB
BX-12TD1 BX 12pt Out 12-24DC Snk Rq RTB
BX-12TD2 BX 12pt Out 12-24DC Src Rq RTB
BX-16TD1 BX 16pt Out 12-24DC Snk Rq RTB
BX-16TD2 BX 16pt Out 12-24DC Src Rq RTB
BX-32TD1 BRX discrete output module
BX-32TD2 BRX discrete output module
BX-16TF2 BRX discrete output module
BX-05TRS BX 5pt Out AC/DC Rly Rq RTB
BX-05TRS-1 BRX relay output module
BX-08TR BX 8pt Out AC/DC Rly Rq RTB
BX-12TR BX 12pt Out AC/DC Rly Rq RTB
BX-16TR BX 16pt Out AC/DC Rly Rq RTB
BX-08TRZ BRX relay output module
BX-16TRZ BRX relay output module
BX-08CD3R BX 4 In Sk/Sc 4 Out Rly RqRTB
BX-12CD3D1 BX 8 In Sk/Sc 4 Out Snk RqRTB
BX-12CD3D2 BX 8 In Sk/Sc 4 Out Src RqRTB
BX-16CD3D1 BX 8 In Sk/Sc 8 Out Snk RqRTB
BX-16CD3D2 BX 8 In Sk/Sc 8 Out Src RqRTB
BX-16CF3F2 BRX discrete combo module

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BRX - Your Automation Foundation!


BRX Series Micro PLC DC I/O Expansion Modules

BRX Micro PLC Discrete I/O

BRX Micro PLC Discrete DC I/O Snap-On Expansion I/O Modules

BRX Micro PLC Units

BRX Series Micro PLC Unit with I/O Expansion Modules


Do-more PLCs - BRX Series

BRX DC I/O Expansion Modules

The BRX platform is a versatile stackable Micro PLC system that combines powerful features in a compact, stand-alone footprint. One of the unique features of the BRX platform is its ability to expand its capability to fit the application.

  • Expansion modules easily snap onto the side of any BRX Micro PLC Unit (MPU) creating a sturdy and rugged PLC platform.
  • Once the expansion module has been snapped in place the software automatically discovers the I/O with little to no additional setup required.
  • Discrete expansion modules add discrete I/O as needed and are identified as an input module, output module or combination input/output module. On the front panel of the digital I/O expansion modules, a color scheme and a symbol are used to denote the module type.
  • The modules ship without wiring terminals. This allows the selection of the termination style that best fits the application. Several wiring options are available, including:
    • Screw terminal connectors
    • Spring clamp terminal connectors
    • Prewired ZIPLink cable solutions
  • (21) DC I/O Expansion Modules Available
    • (4) input modules: 8, 12, 16, 32-pt; 12-24 VDC
    • (1) input module: 8-pt; 3-5 VDC
    • (1) input module: 16-pt; 2-5 VDC ... New!
    • (8) output modules: 8, 12, 16, 32-pt; 6-24 VDC
            sinking or sourcing
    • (1) output module: 16-pt; 2-5 VDC ... New!
    • (6) combo modules:4-DC in/4-relay out, 
            8-DC in/4-DC out, 8-DC in/8-DC out
    • (6) terminal block kits
    • 8-point simulator module available



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