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BRX Do-More PLCs

Do-more BRX Series Programmable Controllers

Programmable logic controllers have to reliably execute the many logic operations and communication requests that modern day industries require. The BRX series controllers provide the data logging, motion control, high speed I/O and processing power, with customisable communications, to meet the changing demands of industrial automation projects.

BRX Series Stackable PLCs

BRX - Your Automation Foundation!

New! ... Do-more PLCs - BRX Series

The BRX platform is a versatile stackable Micro PLC system that combines powerful features in a compact, stand-alone footprint.
  • Four Micro PLC Unit (MPU) form factor combinations are available (3 with built-in I/O) to provide strong system designs that fit application requirements exactly, keeping system costs to a minimum.

  • The BRX platform is designed to be used as a stand-alone controller or can be expanded using a wide variety of expansion modules

  • The expansion modules easily snap onto the side of any BRX Micro PLC Unit (MPU) creating a sturdy and rugged PLC platform.
  BRX Micro PLC Features
  • Data Logging Built In

  • Motion Control Included

  • On-board Serial/Ethernet Communication

  • Integrated Discrete, High-speed and Analog I/O

  • Interchangeable (and Hot-swappable) Communication Ports

  • Free Programming Software with Simulator

  • Free Technical Support

  • User manual is a free download

  • Coupon for free online video training included with every MPU

  • Two-year warranty
  • BRX PLC MPUs start at $TBA

  • BRX Expansion Modules from $TBA

  • ZIPLink Wiring Modules start at $31.00

  • BRX Starter Kits from $TBA

  • BRX Programming Software is $ ... Free!

  • Do-more BRX PLC Video Introduction

Do-more BRX Series Programmable Controllers

BRX Series Stackable PLCs

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BRX PLC Videos
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BRX Series Micro PLC Unit
with I/O Expansion Modules

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  Feature-Packed BRX Micro PLC Units
  • Do-more! DM1 Technology
      - Existing Do-more! projects can port over 100%
  • Built-in Ethernet Port
      - EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP support (select modules)
  • Built-in Serial Port
      - RS232 or RS485 software selectable
  • Pluggable Option Module (POM) Slot
      - Add additional serial port, Ethernet port, or USB port
  • microSD Card Slot
      - Data Logging and File Management capability
  • Built-in High Speed I/O
      - Up to 18 DC inputs and half of the DC outputs
  • Built-in Analog I/O
      - Up to 6 I/O (on select models)
  • Expansion Port
      - Expandable up to (8) 16-point Expansion Modules
  • External Power
        12-24 VDC or 120-240 VAC

  • BRX Micro PLC Features
  BRX Programming Software Features
  • It's Free! ... Do-more! Designer 2.0
      - Same software for all Do-more! and BRX Product Lines
  • Easy Navigation Software Dashboard
      - With quick links to important tools and screens
  • Built-in Software Videos
      - Getting started videos, Instructional videos, Download utility
  • Built-in Simulator
      - Creates a virtual PLC to test program logic without a PLC present
  • Local I/O is Automatically Configured
      - The I/O config window shows Auto-Discovery of modules in the local base
  • Powerful, Intuitive Math
      - Allows mixing of data types and accepts formulas and variables
  • High-speed I/O and Motion Control: Simplified
      - Dedicated instructions allow you to choose complexity
  • Communications Are Easy
      - To define, troubleshoot and share data over Ethernet
  • Data Logging & File Management
      - 1MB internal RAM storage with microSD support and email capabilities

  • Do-more Designer Features