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CWB Contactors and Overload Relays

WEG CWB Contactors

• Up to 80A/45kW (AC-3)
• Built-in 1NO + 1NC
Low consumption DC coils
Wide range of accessories
Type 1 / Type 2 coordination
• "Zero-width" mechanical interlock
Simple and compact mounting of surge suppressors
Additional contact blocks
Simple and organised control circuits
Easy access power and control terminals

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
CWB9-11-30D25 9A contactor 3P 240V
CWB9-11-30C03 9A contactor 3P 24VDC
CWB12-11-30D25 12A contactor 3P 240V
CWB12-11-30C03 12A contactor 3P 24VDC
CWB12-11-30D02 12A contactor 3P 24VAC
CWB18-11-30D25 18A contactor 3P 240V
CWB18-11-30C03 18A contactor 3P 24VDC
CWB25-11-30D25 25A contactor 3P 240V
CWB25-11-30C03 25A contactor 3P 24V dc
CWB32-11-30D25 32A contactor 3P 240V
CWB32-11-30C03 32A contactor 3P 24V dc
CWB32-11-30D02 32A contactor 3P 24V
CWB38-11-30D25 38A contactor 3P 240V
CWB38-11-30C03 38A contactor 3P 24V dc
CWB38-11-30D02 38A contactor 3P 24V
CWB40-11-30C03 40A contactor 3P 24VDC
CWB40-11-30D25 40A contactor 3P 240 VAC
CWB40-11-30D35 40A contactor 3P 415 VAC
CWB50-11-30C03 50A contactor 3P 24 VDC
CWB50-11-30D25 50A contactor 3P 240 VAC
CWB50-11-30D35 50A contactor 3P 415 VAC
CWB65-11-30C03 65A contactor 3P 24 VDC
CWB65-11-30D02 65A contactor 3P 24 VAC
CWB65-11-30D25 65A contactor 3P 240 VAC
CWB65-11-30D35 65A contactor 3P 415 VAC
CWB80-11-30C03 80A contactor 3P 24 VDC
CWB80-11-30D25 80A contactor 3P 240 VAC
CWB80-11-30D35 80A contactor 3P 415 VAC
CWB95-11-30D25 95A CONT 3P 240V
CWB110-11-30D25 110A CONTACTOR 3P 240V

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WEG CWB Series Contactors



CWB Contactors - from 9 up to 80A

The CWB series contactors are developed according to IEC 60947 and UL 508 international standards, the new WEG CWB line of contactors meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.The CWBs are designed with the visual pattern and identity of WEG, a brand recognized worldwide for its quality.

  • IEC current ratings from 9 Amp to 80 Amp
  • "Zero-width mechanical interlock
  • Simple and compact mounting of surge suppressor blocks
  • Additional contact blocks
  • Simple and organized control circuits
  • Easy access power and control terminals
  • WEG RW67 overload relays are available in compact frame sizes from 0.28 A to 40A and are designed for use with, and as perfect complement to, the CWB contactors.
cwbWEG CWB Series Contactors and RWB Overloads


Because they are compact, 45 mm wide and available in up to 80 A (45 kW @ 400 V), CWB contactors lead to an overall reduction in size of electric panels if compared to traditional solutions of contactors with the same ratings.




The configuration of two built-in auxiliary contacts (1NO + 1NC) makes the application of CWB contactors more flexible in most automation systems, contributing to the optimization of internal space of electrical panels.



Mechanical interlock with no additional side space. For applications which require mechanical interlock between contactors, WEG has developed a new mechanical system that ensures compact and easy mounting without the need of any tools. WEG’s new mechanical interlock system allows the mechanical interlock between two contactors of the CWB line with "zero" additional side space and it is possible to assemble 90 mm wide reversing starters of up to 80 A.



Plug in concept:
Quick and easy toll-free mounting. A perfect fit without increasing the size.

The coils of CWB contactors operate smoothly with a low level of disturbance in the control circuits. However, in order to reduce voltage surges due to the coil switching even further, WEG has developed surge suppressor blocks especially for the CWB line of contactors, which ensure limitation or even completely eliminate the undesired interferences that may be caused on opening the contactor coil. Surge suppressor blocks are easily mounted on CWB contactors without the need of any kind of tools and also without increasing volume.


Additional Contact Blocks

Side or front mounted auxiliary contact blocks with 4 additional auxiliary contacts.


DC Coils with no Inrush Pick-Up Current

Low consumption D.C. coils allow direct control through PLCs without the need for coupler relays.


  • Bimetallic overload relay with tripping class 10
  • Phase failure sensitivity protection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Direct mounting on CWB contactors
  • Hand/Auto/Reset button
  • Auxiliary contacts 1NO + 1NC
  • Screw terminals





WEG CWB Series Accessories/Assembly Diagram


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WEG CWB Contactors and overload Overview
cad CAD Library - 2D / 3D drawings