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Insulated Screwdrivers

WERA insulated screwdrivers and sets are available in most popular Phillips and flat sizes, with ergonomic handles and helpful markings; insulated blades guarantee safe use up to 1kV. Models with laser-etched non-slip tips increase performance; reduced-diameter tip models allow access to recessed screws.

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TW-SD-SET-2 Wera KraftformPlus 100 VDE 6pc
TW-SD-VSL-1 Wera scrwdr 2.5mm slot 80mm
TW-SD-VSL-2 Wera scrwdr 3mm slot 100mm
TW-SD-VSL-3 Wera Scrwdr 4mm slot 100mm laz
TW-SD-VSL-4 Wera scrwdr 5.5mm slt 125mm lz
TW-SD-VPH-1 Wera screwdr #1 phil 80mm laz
TW-SD-VPH-2 Wera screwdr #2 phil 100mm laz
TW-SD-VDE-7 Wera Kompakt VDE screwdr 7pc
05347108055 Wera Kompakt VDE screwdr 18pc
05006441055 Wera scrwdr 4mm slot sml shank
05006442055 Wera scrwdr 5.5mm slt sml shnk
05006451055 Wera scrwdr #2 phil sml shank
05006450055 Wera scrwdr #1 phil sml shank
05006440055 Wera scrwdr 3.5mm slt sml shnk

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As with all other Wera tools, safety is a top priority for series 100 VDE insulated screwdrivers. The quality of the blades exceeds current standards with respect to hardness and torque strength. Each tool is tested for dielectric strength under a 10,000-volt load to guarantee safe operation up to 1,000 volts.


  • 1000 Volt Insulation Rating
  • Handle markings include a screw symbol and the size of the tip to help you easily find the right screwdriver in your tool bag or at the workplace.
  • Kraftform Plus handles have smooth hard zones that allow the hand to easily glide during hand re-positioning. The easy-to-grip soft anti-slip zones ensure full force transfer to the screw.
  • Laser treatment creates a microrough surface on the tip of the blade. The drive end literally bites into the head of the screw. The advantages: less slipping, fewer scratches, higher torque transfer and less screwdriving effort.
  • Reduced diameter tip models have a smaller diameter blade at the tip to allow access to recessed screws such as those used in terminal blocks.