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HMI - Operator Panels

HMI-bannerBasic to advanced panel based visualisation of critical data. Connectivity, Reliability, Compatibility with an Unbeatable Price-Performance Value. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides a textual or graphical view of system conditions and operations, vital information absent with simple pushbutton panels or switch banks. HMIs offer robust monitoring, control, status reporting and many other functions. Touch panels (including a headless version), message displays and text panels are available. View our range of C-more and ViewMarq display systems.

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CM5-T22W C-MORE CM5 22in Touch HMI
CM5-T15W C-MORE CM5 15in Touch HMI
CM5-T12W C-MORE CM5 12in Touch HMI
CM5-T10W C-MORE CM5 10in Touch HMI
CM5-T7W C-MORE CM5 7in Touch HMI
CM5-T4W C-MORE CM5 4in Touch HMI
EA9-T6CL-R C-more EA9 Series 6in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T6CL C-more EA9 Series 6in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T7CL-R C-more EA9 Series 7in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T7CL C-more EA9 Series 7in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T8CL C-more EA9 Series 8in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T10CL C-more EA9 Series 10in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T10WCL C-more EA9 Series 10inW Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T12CL C-more EA9 Series 12in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T15CL-R C-more EA9 Series 15in Touch Screen HMI
EA9-T15CL C-more EA9 Series 15in Touch Screen HMI

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C-more® Operator Interface HMI Touch Panels


System operators and plant floor personnel require some way of monitoring the processes they are overseeing and/or a way to control their operation. HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) provide textual or graphical displays of system conditions and operations, vital information absent with simple pushbutton panels or switch banks. C-more Graphical HMI devices (including touch panels and a headless version), and Viewmarq LED message displays are available for your industrial needs.


C-more CM5 HMIs / Industrial Touch Screens C-more® CM5 Series Touch Panels

The CM5 HMI series has the highest performance of all our HMI families and the largest screen size available (22") and outstanding value. With an amazing 1.6GHz processor in the larger units (10" and above) and 43Mbytes of memory, these HMIs provide much better trending, extra data storage, faster communication, and improved file types including jpegs (compared to EA9 series).

All CM5 panels have serial and Ethernet ports that support many of the most popular industry protocols, including EtherNet/IP and Modbus. The 10" and larger models feature an additional Ethernet port, which could be used to share important data between two separate networks. The included USB ports provide in-an-instant connections for programming and peripherals like keyboards, USB-to-audio converters, barcode scanners, memory storage, etc. The embedded SD-card slot provides easy project transfers or up to an additional 2TB of data storage for important log files. CM5 HMIs also support the secure MQTT (with TLS) protocol which has become the frontrunner for many IIoT/ cloud applications.

NOTE:  CM5 series HMIs support any EA9 series project (created with V6.73 or later) for an easy panel upgrade.



C-more Operator Interface Touch Panels / Industrial Touch ScreensC-more® EA9 Series Touch Panels

C-more touch panels provide a graphical interface designed to interchange and display graphics, animation and data to and from a PLC by merely touching the screen. You can virtually replace every pushbutton, switch, meter, and other peripheral device with one C-more touch panel. The legacy C-more EA9 HMI series is still a good choice for your operator interface needs if already installed in a system or location. This series offers several sizes up to 15 inches with various communication ports.

The EA9 series offers features such as Ethernet, USB and serial ports, HD video outputs, and data logging. Units are available with a variety of resolutions and screen sizes (6", 7", 8", 10", 10" wide, 12", or 15" versions).

C-more Programming Software with its graphical environment and reduced object programming steps, makes developing a project for the C-more touch panels a very quick and simple task.



C-more Micro-Graphic text and touch panels C-more® Micro-Graphic Text and Touch Panels

HMI touch panels at a text panel price!
C-more Micro HMIs are packed with features yet priced for the tightest of budgets. With screens as large as 6 inches, C-more Micro panels easily display text, graphics, and bitmaps to effectively communicate critical data to the operator. Touch screen and non-touch screen panel versions are available. Free, Windows-based, easy to use software with built-in simulator.



C-more-Remote-Headless-HMI C-more® Headless, Remote HMI


Display your way! The C-more Headless HMI lets you decide.
C-more Headless HMI (EA9-RHMI) gives you all the functionality of a C-more touch panel without the display size limitation. This HDMI-enabled device works with most HDMI display devices of any size to display real-time operational data or messages. The integrated USB ports allows support for industrial touch screen monitor displays that support USB interface or USB mouse operations. Now you can see your data from almost anywhere.

The C-more EA9 software platform is the most user friendly and time-saving software platform that allows for simple visualization of your valuable system data. The alarming, data logging, and email support allow you to collect and share important data to other users and devices. The two serial ports and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet port has support for all the major protocols and enables easy connections to multiple devices simultaneously. 


ViewMarq™ Industrial LED Message Displays 


view ViewMarq™ Industrial LED Message Displays
Industrial LED messaging made easy. ViewMarq digital LED message displays are low-power consumption displays that are fully configurable using the easy-to-use ViewMarq configuration software. Configure the display to receive messages sent via communication channels and/or create and store up to 200 messages that can be triggered by a PLC or by discrete inputs. ViewMarq tri-colour LED (red, green, amber) message displays support scrolling (left, right, up, down) messages as well as blinking text, and are available in 1, 2 and 4-line displays with 12 or 24 characters.



Technical Overview Downloads

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