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Stellar Soft Starters

AC Motor Soft Starters

STELLAR™ SR22 Series Compact 3-Phase Soft Starters

  • 5A to 40A rated current versions @ 208–460V
  • 45 mm and 55 mm standard sizes


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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
SR22-05 Soft starter,5A,208-230/460VA
SR22-07 Soft starter,7A,208-230/460VA
SR22-09 Soft starter,9A,208-230/460VA
SR22-12 Soft starter,12A,208-230/460A
SR22-16 Soft starter,16A,208-230/460A
SR22-22 Soft starter,22A,208-230/460A
SR22-30 Soft starter,30A,208-230/460A
SR22-36 Soft starter,36A,208-230/460A
SR22-40 Soft starter,40A,208-230/460A
SR22-FAN-45 Cooling Fan SR22 series,45mm
SR22-FAN-55 Cooling Fan SR22 series,55mm
SR33-22 Soft starter,22A,208-230/460A
SR33-29 Soft starter,29A,208-230/460A
SR33-41 Soft starter,41A,208-230/460A
SR33-55 Soft starter,55A,208-230/460A
SR33-66 Soft starter,66A,208-230/460A
SR33-80 Soft starter,80A,208-230/460A
SR33-97 Soft starter,97A,208-230/460A
SR33-132 Soft starter132A,208-230/460A
SR33-160 Soft starter160A,208-230/460A
SR33-195 Soft starter195A,208-230/460A
SR33-241 Soft starter241A,208-230/460A
SR33-280 Soft starter280A,208-230/460A
SR33-350 Soft starter350A,208-230/460A
SR33-430 Soft starter430A,208-230/460A
SR33-482 Soft starter482A,208-230/460A
SR33-HS1 Optional heat shrink Inst kit

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27 Item(s)

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SR22 semi-conductor solid state soft starters provide many advantages when used instead of electro-mechanical contactors to control 3-phase AC induction motors.

  • The SR22 motor soft starters use thyristors for controlled reduced voltage motor starting and stopping
  • These low voltage soft starters then switch to internal contacts for efficient running at the rated speed

  • General purpose soft start applications where traditional across-the-line starting or wye-delta starting would typically be appropriate.
  • Application types include: Agitator, Air Compressor, Ball Mill, Centrifuge, Chiller, Conveyor, Crusher, Escalator, Fan (Low and High Inertia), Feeder, Grinder, Hammer Mill, Lathe Machine , Mills (Flour, etc.), Mixer (Unloaded or Loaded), Pelletizer, Plastic and Textile Machines, Press (Flywheel), Pump (Centrifugal), Pump (Positive Displacement), Rolling Mill, Saw (Band), Saw (Circular), Screen (Vibrating), Transformer, Voltage Regulator, Tumbler, Wood Chipper.



videoSR22 Series Soft Starters

  • 5-40A @ 208-460V
  • 24 VDC control voltage
  • Easily and separately adjustable motor start and stop times
  • Two-phase control
  • Internal bypass contacts for run
  • Error and Run LEDs
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Cooling fans (available option)
  • Two standard-size widths: 45 mm & 55 mm
  • Six error/trip indications: AC Supply, Control Supply, Overheated, Bypass Failure, Shear Pin, Overcurrent
Standards and Approvals
  • UL listed* (E333109) *(optional fans are UL recognized: E132139, E77551, E89936)
  • RoHS
  • CE
Optional Soft Starter Accessories
  • Cooling fan (increases # of motor starts/hour)
  • Mechanical Advantages
    • Smooth acceleration; reduced shock and starting stress
    • Extend lifespan of mechanical drive train components
    • Fluid couplings and some clutches can be eliminated
  • Electrical Advantages
    • Reduced motor starting current
    • More motors or larger motors can be started from lower-capacity power sources
    • Allows motors to be started more frequently
    • Internal mechanical contacts open and close under reduced current, increasing lifespan and reliability
  • Economic Advantages
    • Lower overall costs for new installations
    • Reduced maintenance and replacement of mechanical drive train components
    • Reduced starting current reduces electrical power costs by reducing peak demand

Soft Starter Selection / Sizing
  • Our Sizing Chart contains 3 easy steps to properly size your soft starter based on horsepower, voltage, and starting class

Compact Soft Starters / Cooling Fans


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