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The CLICK family of controllers offer low-cost, easy-to-use micro PLCs, available in stackable brick or micromodular styles, providing simple control. CLICK PLUS PLCs build upon the original CLICK series with advanced options such as data logging, Wi-Fi connectability, MQTT communication, motion control and increased security measures. Free programming software supports all CLICK PLCs.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
C0-08SIM CLICK Simulator Input Module
C2-14D1 CLICK PLUS discrete combo module
C2-14D2 CLICK PLUS discrete combo module
C2-14DR CLICK PLUS discrete combo module
C2-14AR CLICK PLUS discrete combo module
C2-08D1-4VC CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08D2-4VC CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08DR-4VC CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08AR-4VC CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08D1-6C CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08D2-6C CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08DR-6C CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08AR-6C CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08D1-6V CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08D2-6V CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08DR-6V CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-08AR-6V CLICK PLUS discrete/analog combo module
C2-DCM CLICK PLUS Communication Module
C2-6TB CLICK Terminal Blocks
C2-FILL CLICK PLUS option slot cover
SE-ANT250 STRIDE dome 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna
SE-ANT210 STRIDE whip/straight WiFi antenna
C0-10DD1E-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-10DD2E-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-10DRE-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-11DD1E-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-11DD2E-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-11DRE-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-12DD1E-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DD2E-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DRE-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DD1E-1-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DD1E-2-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DD2E-1-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DD2E-2-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DRE-1-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12DRE-2-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-10ARE-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-11ARE-D Click Ethernet PLC
C0-12ARE-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12ARE-1-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-12ARE-2-D Click Ethernet Analog PLC
C0-00DD1-D Click Serial PLC
C0-00DD2-D Click Serial PLC

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Items 1 to 50 of 106 total

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CLICK Series Programmable Controller


Memory: 8k
Programming language:
Ladder logic
approx 2"W x 3"H x 3"D (55mmW, 85mmH, 75mmD)
Maximum I/O Capacity:
2 or 3 ports depending on model (Ethernet & serial comms available)

  • Simple instructions set with 21 instructions
  • Real Time Clock/calander and optional battery back-up in standard, analogue and Ethernet PLCs
  • High-speed input support on Ethernet CPUs
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • 31 stand-alone, DIN-rial mount DC powered PLC combinations
  • 26 stackable, I/O optional modules
  • Program and documentation stored in PLC
  • Supports a maximum of 8 I/O modules up to 142 discrete or 54 analogue I/O points total
  • RS-232 port on all PLCs
  • RS-485 and Ethernet port on select PLCs 
  • Support for EtherNet/IP devices
  • All models support Modbus RTU, Ethernet models support Modbus TCP
  • Choose I/O wiring needs from spring clamp, screw terminal or the popular ZipLink wiring solution
  • Free and intuitive 'CLICK' Software, including free upgrades



Click PLC Catalogue pdf icon

CLICK User Manual PDF icon

Complete CLICK PLC Overview vvv

Free Software Download (Link)

CLICK PLC Cables & Accessories Overview vvv


CLCIK Ethernet connectivity 

Learn More


Watch CLICK PLC Videos

CLICK PLCs - Getting Started

CLICK PLC How To Videos.                                                                       


The CLICK PLC family of components offers practical PLC features in a compact yet expandable design, with super easy-to-use FREE programming software.

Easy Installation

  • The CLICK PLC control system does not require a mounting base, which saves on space.
  • The CLICK CPU and I/O modules are connected together via an expansion port on the sides of the modules.


Expandable I/O

  • A powered CLICK CPU module by itself can be used as a complete PLC control system with eight input points and six output points built-in,
  • Or, the PLC system can be expanded with the addition of up to eight I/O modules.
  • A variety of I/O modules are available for flexible and optimal system configuration. The I/O numbering system is decimal.


Built-in Communications

  • The CLICK CPUs have two built-in RS-232 communications ports.
  • Can be configured for either MODBUS RTU or ASCII networks.


Analog Input/ Analog Output

  • Analog CPU modules have built-in analog I/O (2-channel analog inputs and 2-channel analog outputs).
  • Each channel can be separately set for voltage (0 to 5 VDC) or current (4 to 20 mA).


Calendar / Clock & Battery Backup

  • Analog CPU modules include the real time clock and battery backup for the internal SRAM.
  • Battery allows data to be stored for 5 years.


FREE PLC Programming Software

  • With 21 Easy to Use Instructions
  • Provides ease of use and quick learning.
  • The CLICK PLC supports a very simple, but useful instruction set.
  • The 21 easy to use instructions can cover most applications that are suitable for this class of PLC.

Download the FREE CLICK PLC Programming Software Now!


Click PLC Programming Cables

If your PC has a USB port, use cable EA-MG-PGM-CBL to connect to the CLICK CPU module port. If your PC has a 9-pin serial communications port, use programming cable D2-DSCBL.


EA-MG-PGM-CBL - PC to PLC Programming Cable Assembly for CLICK PLCs (also used for C-more Micro-Graphic Panels)

D2-DSCBL - 9-pin serial programming cable for CLICK PLCs 

USB-RS232 - USB to Serial Adapter Cable connects serial devices to PC applications via a USB port

CLICK PLC Cables & Accessories Overview vvv




CPU Modules

There are thirty-one CLICK CPU modules available in five classes, each with different combinations of built-in I/O types. The CLICK CPU modules all offer the same instruction set, and support all the available optional I/O modules. With the built-in I/O a CPU can be used as a ready-to-go PLC control system without any additional I/O modules.

Table comparison CLCIK CPU types 

*Ethernet CPUs support high-speed DC inputs and PID control