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Productivity 3000



The Productivity3000 programmable automation controller (PAC) is a compact logic controller that combines the features and capabilities of a PC-based control system with that of a typical programmable logic controller (PLC). The Productivity3000 PAC offers you a more powerful control solution that is easier to use and more cost effective than any control solution in the market.

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Product Code Product Name QTY Price ($AUD) Action
P3-550E P3 CPU module
P3-RX Ethernet remote I/O slave mod
P3-EX Prod3000 Local I/O expansion
P3-SCM Serial Comms Mod 4 Port
P3-03B P3-03B 3 Slot Base
P3-05B P3-05B 5 Slot Base
P3-08B P3-08B 8 Slot Base
P3-11B P3-11B 11 Slot Base
P3-01AC P3-01AC Power Supply100-240VAC
P3-01DC P3-01DC Power Supply24-48VDC
P3-08ND3S 8-point 12-24 VDC input 8 comm
P3-16ND3 16-point 12-24VDC input 4 comm
P3-32ND3 32-point 24VDC input 4 commons
P3-64ND3 64-point 24VDC input 8 commons
P3-08NAS 8-point 100-240 VAC 8 commons
P3-16NA 16 point 100-240 VAC 4 commons
P3-08TD1S 8-point 6-27VDC Sinking2A 4com
P3-08TD2S 8-point6-27VDC Sourcing2A 4com
P3-16TD1 16-point 6-27VDC Sinking 0.5A
P3-16TD2 16-point 6-27VDC Sourcing 0.5A
P3-16TD3P PRODUCT UNAVAILABLE 16-point, 12-24 VDC sink/src
P3-32TD1 32-point 6-27VDC Sinking 0.3A
P3-32TD2 32-point 20-30VDC Sourcing0.2A
P3-64TD1 64-point 6-27VDC Sinking 0.1A
P3-64TD2 64-point20-30VDC Sourcing 0.1A
P3-08TAS 8-point 80-288VAC output
P3-16TA 16-pint 80-288VAC output
P3-16TR 16-point 6-27VDC 6-240VAC
P3-08TRS-1 8-point 6-24VDC 6-240VAC
P3-04ADS 4-channel analog input module
P3-08AD 8-channel volt/curr analog in
P3-16AD-1 16-channel Sinking analog inpu
P3-16AD-2 16-channel Voltage analog inpu
P3-08RTD 8-channel RTD input module
P3-08THM 8-channel THM thermo input
P3-04DA 4-channel Volt or Curr output
P3-08DA-1 8-channel Sourcing output
P3-08DA-2 8-channel Voltage output
P3-06DAS-1 PRODUCT UNAVAILABLE 6-channel Current Analog out
P3-06DAS-2 6-channel Voltage Analog out
P3-16DA-1 16-channel current sourcingOut
P3-16DA-2 16-channel Voltage Analog Out
P3-8AD4DA-1 P3-8AD4DA-1 Analog
P3-8AD4DA-2 P3-8AD4DA-2 Analog
P3-HSI High Speed 1MHz Input Module
P3-HSO High Speed 1 Mhz Output module
P3-16SIM P3-16SIM Simulator
P3-FUSE-1 Spare fuse P3-08TAS/P3-06TRS
P3-RTB 20-pin terminal block 8+16poin
P3-FUSE-2 Spare fuse P3-16TA/P3-06TR

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Features of the P3-550E CPU


Memory: 50 MByte total available user memory
Programming language: Ladder logic and Advanced Process Functions
System: Rack based 
Maximum I/O Capacity: 59'000 when using local and remote I/O
Communications: 6 comms ports including USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485.                        

  • Advanced instructions and task management
  • Real time clock/ Calendar
  • Battery included for the retention of the Time and Date along with any Tagname values that are set up as retentive
  • Built-in EtherNet/IP Scanner and Adapter functionality
  • MQTT support for easy IIoT/cloud networking
  • Hardware auto-discovery
  • The CPU incorporates a programmable, 4 line x 10 character OLED Display for system alarms, status, tag data readouts and information or for displaying user-defined messages
  • OLED displays on select analog modules for real-time, no meter required measurements.
  • 2 Serial communications ports: 1 x RS-232 (RJ12) and 1 x RS-485 (3-wire terminal block), both supporting Modbus RTU and ASCII In/Out up to 115.2K baud rate
  • 2 Ethernet ports: 10/100Mbps (RJ45)
  • System can be expanded with P3-RX or P3-EX module
  • Tag database and program documentation storage on-board the CPU
  • Secure Web Server for fast easy access to your data
  • Optional I/O terminal blocks or the popular ZipLink wiring solutions




  • PAC CPU Processing Power
    Built-in LCD on the powerful P3-RS Remote Slave for quick and simple configuration and diagnostics
  • Industry Leading 6 Communication Ports
    Including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports standard on the P3-550ECPU
  • USB Data Logging
    USB data logging right from the CPU

CPU, Remote & Expansion Modules

  • P3-550E High Performance CPU Module
    The P3-550E has 50MB of memory and fast scan time (266MHz processor) - this CPU does the work of at least four or five pieces of hardware compared to other controllers. This high performance CPU has six built-in communication ports.
  • P3-EX Expansion Module
    The P3-EX high-performance expansion module provides local I/O expansion to a CPU or Remote I/O. Includes 6-foot USB expansion cable.
  • P3-RX Remote Slave Module
    The P3-RX is a lower cost full-featured, high-performance Remote Slave module (without the LCD display) and with four communications ports which support USB local expansion, Ethernet, and Serial devices. Up to 16 P3-RX Remote Slaves can be connected to a single P3-550 CPU remote I/O network.




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