With 3 hardware platforms to choose from and a FREE powerful programming package, the Productivity Series shatters the price per feature paradigm.

  • Expansive 50MB of user memory with tag name addressing for custom memory allocation
  • Scalable system with up to 59,840 I/O points possible
  • Data logging up to 32GB
  • Multiple built-in communication options with Modbus, ASCII and EtherNet/IP™ support
  • Web server/mobile access
  • Real-time data displays

Dare to Compare!!!

The Productivity Series of controllers provides a scalable controls solution with three low-cost hardware platforms and one FREE, powerful programming package.

Write a program in one controller and easily port to another so that no matter the application, big or small, Productivity has the I/O, communications and affordability you need.

Table comparison of Productivity Hardware features