Productivity PLCs

Productivity PLCs are known for their extreme versatility and numerous convenience features and with ProductivityMotion products, you can easily add motion control to your Productivity system that's as simple or sophisticated as you need.

Productivity high-speed input and output modules are a great option for basic motion control applications. Able to perform simple motion commands like homing routines and preset tables, these modules slide right into any open slot in any local or remote rack of a Productivity PLC system. High-speed counter and PWM modules are also available for high-speed or pulsed I/O applications.

Available in one to four axes models, the PS-AMC motion controller provides highly accurate positioning using encoder-fed control and is ideal for applications requiring several independent axes of motion and/or coordinated motion between some or all axes. Used in conjunction with select Productivity CPUs and programmed with the FREE Productivity Suite software, the AMC can supply up to 1MHz pulse-train command signals to servo or stepper drives for extremely responsive movements.


Productivity Motion Controllers Launch






The ProductivityMotion modules are compatible with Productivity Series CPUs that have a remote I/O port, such as the P1-550 & P2-550 or P3-550.



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These new AMC controllers are auto-discovered in the Productivity Suite programming software, which has numerous built-in motion instructions allowing for easy configuration of standard motion profiles, including flying cut-offs and rotary tables.  

The Productivity1000 remote I/O module provides a low-cost remote I/O solution for both the P1-550 and P2-550 controllers. Up to 4 P1-RX remote modules can be used with the P1-550, and up to 8 can be used with the P2-550. That adds an additional 512 I/O points to the P1000 system, which did not offer remote expansion before, and an additional 1024 for the P2000 at a much lower cost than the existing P2-RS expansion module. All P1-RX modules and connected I/O are auto-discovered in the Productivity Suite programming software with pre-assigned tags for each I/O point that can be used right away in the ladder code or modified as needed. 


Product Details

PS-AMC1     ProductivityMotion 1-axis motion controller, 1 MHz maximum switching frequency, 6 high-speed input point(s), sinking, 1-channel, differential encoder input(s), 3 high-speed output point(s), sinking/sourcing, 1-channel, differential output(s).


PS-AMC2     ProductivityMotion 2-axis motion controller, 1 MHz maximum switching frequency, 12 high-speed input point(s), sinking, 2-channel, differential encoder input(s), 6 high-speed output point(s), sinking/sourcing, 2-channel, differential output(s).


PS-AMC3     ProductivityMotion 3-axis motion controller, 1 MHz maximum switching frequency, 18 high-speed input point(s), sinking, 3-channel, differential encoder input(s), 9 high-speed output point(s), sinking/sourcing, 3-channel, differential output(s).


PS-AMC4     ProductivityMotion 4-axis motion controller, 1 MHz maximum switching frequency, 24 high-speed input point(s), sinking, 4-channel, differential encoder input(s), 12 high-speed output point(s), sinking/sourcing, 4-channel, differential output(s). 


Application Examples:


  • Flying cut-off systems.                                      
  • Auger fillers
  • Label applicators
  • Smart conveyor systems (random timing infeeds)
  • Rotary tables
  • In-line bottle filling
  • Vertical-form-fill-seal
  • Press feeds
  • Cut to length systems
  • Case erectors/packers
  • WebFilm handling
  • High-speed mail sorting
  • Boring/drilling/tapping
  • Coil winding
  • Wrapping
  • Thermo-formers
  • Rotary knives
  • And many more…


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