The Productivity family of PLCs is our most versatile family. In terms of hardware, Productivity offers three distinct form factors with two being rack-based and one being stackable. Each series offers different I/O capacities but all use the same programming software, allowing you to easily scale your control up or down depending on the application or machine build. The ProductivitySuite software provides versatile programming with tag name addressing that has no predefined memory structure, and offers convenient device integration for easy plug-and-play operation with our PS-AMC motion controllers, GS drives, Protos X field I/O, and StrideLinx VPNs.


The MQTT protocol has become the frontrunner for many machine-to- machine (M2M) and IIoT/cloud networking applications. Productivity PLCs now support MQTT communication and with fill-in-the-blank MQTT messaging configurations, delivering vital data to advanced cloud computing platforms is easy. The new EDS file library offers a powerful way to organize and sort your EDS files - automatically group by device type or vendor and manage versions.


Whether you are a machine builder, systems integrator or anyone in need of an advanced, low-cost controls solution, the Productivity family of controllers can deliver. Built to go above and beyond, these controllers offer many outstanding features that provide easy programming, multiple networking solutions and faster troubleshooting.

Here are a few more of the many benefits you get with Productivity:

• CPUs with expansive 50MB memory
• 32GB of microSD data logging
• Unmatched built-in communications capabilities, including local and remote I/O ports, EtherNet/IP, MQTT, custom protocols, and more
• Built-in Ethernet port allows for HMI and peer-to-peer or business system networking (no Ethernet communications module needed)
• Modular rack-based or stackable footprint with many discrete and analog I/O option modules, scalable up to 59K+ I/O
• Plug-and-play USB programming
• Advanced “fill-in-the-blank” instructions for utmost ease of use
• Tag name programming with advanced user-defined structure data types
• Easy-to-use coordinated motion control with the PS-AMC motion controllers and built-in motion instructions
• And so much more...



Productivity Controller Series 

Productivity controller comparison chart P1000, P2000, P3000

 13 July 2022. Prices current at time of publication and subject to change. Refer to online store for current prices. All prices exl GST.

Direct Automation SmartPak P1-540-S3 (PACK OF 3) $915



Productivity1000 P1 controller

The Productivity1000 series PLC is the super compact yet highly capable member of our Productivity controller family. Packed with many of the features you love about the Productivity family but housed in a smaller, slimmer design and with a CPU price of $380.00 (P1-540), the Productivity1000 PLC will deliver the time, space, and budget savings your project needs.

Top hardware features:

• 50MB user memory easily handles complex applications
• Up to 5 built-in communication ports for easy connectivity to your PC or various industrial networks: micro USB, serial RS-485, serial RS-232, general purpose Ethernet 10/100Mbps and remote I/O Ethernet 10/100Mbps ports
• Data logging up to 32GB on a microSD card (sold separately)
• Slim, stackable, super compact design
• Add up to 15 I/O modules for a total of 240 discrete I/O points or 120 analog I/O channels or expand remotely for an additional 512 discrete or 256 analog points (using P1-RX modules)
• Numerous I/O modules available including discrete, analog and high-speed I/O
• Low-cost high-speed counter and pulse width modulation modules for accurate control in pulsed I/O applications



Productivity2000 P2 controller

The Productivity2000 PLC is where value meets power. This controller was designed to provide advanced features at an extremely affordable price and lowest cost of ownership in its class. Considering the memory, performance, options, free software, free support and everything else this controller has to offer, it really does stand above the competition.

Top hardware features:

• 50MB user memory easily handles complex applications
• 5 built-in communication ports including: (1) plug-and- play USB programming port, (1) general purpose Ethernet 10/100Mbps port, (1) remote I/O Ethernet 10/100Mbps port and (2) serial ports
• Data logging up to 32GB on a microSD card (sold separately)
• Programmable 4-line OLED message display on CPU for system status and tag data readouts and user defined messages
• Patented OLED displays on select analog modules for real- time, no meter required measurements
Micro-modular rack-based system
• Full lineup of 56 discrete, analog and high-speed I/O modules
• Accurate high-speed control using HSI, HSO and HSC modules
• Pulse width modulation modules for precise control in applications requiring PWM signals
• Up to 480 local I/O points and 4,320 total I/O through remote expansion (using P2-RS and/or P1-RX modules)
• Hot-swappable I/O, no module placement restrictions, no power budget limitations
• ABS certified for marine applications (standard of excellence in marine and offshore classification)



Productivity3000 P3 controller

The Productivity3000 PLC is a communications powerhouse with numerous networking options built in. It’s also the I/O leader of the group with over 59,000 I/O points possible through local and remote expansion.

Top hardware features:

• 50MB user memory easily handles complex applications
• Industry-leading 7 communications ports built in including: USB programming port, local expansion, and Ethernet remote I/O ports (CPUs are available with less ports at a reduced cost)
• Data logging to external USB drive
• Programmable 4-line LCD message display on CPU for system status and tag data readouts
• Patented LCD displays on all analog modules for real-time, no meter required measurements
Modular rack-based system
• Full lineup of 38 discrete, analog and specialty PLC I/O modules including high-speed
• High-density I/O modules - up to 64 discrete I/O points per module
• Accurate high-speed control using HSI and HSO modules
• Support for local expansion and remote I/O bases, up to 59,840 I/O points plus (plus additional networkable Modbus and Ethernet/IP field I/O)
• Hot-swappable I/O, no module placement restrictions, no power budget limitations
• ABS certified for marine applications (standard of excellence in marine and offshore classification)



Productivity Suite Controller Software 

Top software features:

• Project simulator for easy logic verification/testing
• EDS file support for easy EtherNet/IP device setup
• User defined structure data types
• Tag-based programming with no pre-defined memory addresses
• Auto-discover local and remote PLC bases, Protos X field I/O, PS-AMC motion controllers and GS series drives
• Integrated StrideLinx VPN support
• Advanced “fill-in-the-blank” instructions including application specific commands
• Helpful Data view, I/O view, Graph view, and histogram dialogs for insight into system performance
• Task Manager for increased efficiency
• Run-time editing
• ProNET networking for easy CPU data sharing
• Project file and user documentation stored in CPU
• Tag database export to C-more HMI
• Tag I/O reassignment to simplify offline configuration • Easy project conversion to/from each PLC in family
• Project and database compare feature
• Web server and mobile access


Productivity Suite is a free download. No access key required. 

 Our Technical Support team is available for more information.